Hi folks!

I have an AutoPilot "Pool Pilot Digital" with an SC-60 cell that's been in service since 2009. In general, it works great. However, pretty much since day 1, I've had intermittent issues with the tri-sensor cable. It will work flawlessly for weeks on end, then all of a sudden, I'll get intermittent "Check Flow" errors and occasionally incorrect temperature and/or salt readings. If I grab the cable near where it enters the tri-sensor body and push/pull/flex the cable around, the error condition will clear, and the system will work again for a random period of time -- sometimes minutes, sometimes hours, sometimes days, before it starts flashing errors again. The cable was replaced once under warranty, after which it worked great for about half a season, before starting to exhibit the same intermittent problems as the old one.

Question: This is the older style of tri-sensor that has a detachable cable. I see that AutoPilot now sells the sensor and cable together as a single unit, with the cable permanently attached. I'm considering dropping the roughly $120 on a new sensor/cable unit to see if it resolves this ongoing issue. Before I did, though, I thought I'd ask here and see if anyone had encountered similar problems with the detachable tri-sensor cables. If so, did switching to the new style with the permanent cable clear up the problem? I thought perhaps it was an issue with oxidation at the cable plug causing poor conductivity, but I tried packing the whole connection full of conductive anti-ox grease and it doesn't seem to have helped.

I hope that all made sense. Thanks for any insight!