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Thread: pool vacuum slow or stops

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    pool vacuum slow or stops

    hello everyone...
    my name is vinny and I am in phoenix az. I recently purchased a home with an in ground pool (15 x 32). I am new to pool ownership so please bare with me.
    this is my problem; up to the 4th of July weekend everything was working the way it should. now, I noticed that my under water vacuum is not working as fast as it use to & even stops crawling around after about 10 minutes of operation.
    I have checked for vacuum at each connector on the hose that goes to the skimmer, there seems to be plenty of vacuum.
    I was told when I purchased the home that the pool has a sand filter. at the top of the filter there is a gauge. this gauge has 3 pointers. 1 is at 10 psi the second is set at 20 psi and the third is the one that moves. when I turn the pump on, the indicator pointer moves instantly to the 20 psi marker.... is this a problem??,what does this mean??? if it is a problem, how do I fix it.

    thanks in advance for your help
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    Re: pool vacuum slow or stops

    What PSI does your filter normally run at when freshly backwashed? We recommend backwashing when you see a 25% gain in pressure. Higher filter pressure equals lower suction. Welcome!

    Also, what type of pool vac?
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    Re: pool vacuum slow or stops

    I am guessing he has not backwashed. I can see the backwash hose beside the sand filter and it does not look like it has been used in a while.

    I have no idea how to backwash this kind of filter. I am used to having a multi port. I am sure someone here can/will tell you how.

    Maybe you can look up the model and find a manual? It is not hard to do but is a very necessary step to a clean pool.

    You have come to the right place for help. Good luck!

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    Re: pool vacuum slow or stops

    Welcome to the forum.

    Your vacuum is not working almost surely because your filter is full of dirt and must be backwashed. (cleaned)

    If you do not know how to backwash, then it may be wise to have a pro come in and show you how to operate your pool. It's gonna' cost some money up front but it might save you a LOT in the long run.
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    Re: pool vacuum slow or stops

    I would like to thank all that responded to my post. you all where right on the money. I had a friend come over to show me the procedure for a back flush. after it was completed, the under water skimmer is in full operation.
    thanks again....

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