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Thread: Grand Opening...Grand Closing

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    Grand Opening...Grand Closing

    Good Morning.....My name is Lawrence and i'm new to the forum here and let me tell you why. I'm the father of 4 and I purchased a Intex UG 15x48 system @3 years ago. I thought i was out of the woods inreference to pool installation/set up but that peace of mind came to a screeching halt this morning when i went out side and saw that my recently filled pool (as of yesterday) was now bone dry! It BURST at the lower seam. My wife was more upset than my kids (for fear that their little hearts would be broken) fortunetly i'm blessed with a bunch of little troopers that know that daddy will Fix it. Which brought my search here. Not wanting to make the same mistake twice..i'm here to search for advice and troubleshoot what i did wrong.

    When i opened the pool this year i drained/cleaned/filled and chlorinated it. It was officially pool time. Well after some rough houseing (including someone climbing over the wall a few times to get a ball) i notice that the lower liner had shifted and i could now see under belly of the pool which is normally reserved for UNDER the pool. The legs began to shift and the pool began to lean with the legs coming off the ground on one side....CLEARLY not a good sign. I drained the pool and attempted to relevel the legs with bricks on the side that was coming of the ground. After i was drained the pool to what i thought was a acceptible level i was able to shift the legs but upon filling it back up the under belly showed it's ugly head again. And that brings us to this morning when i discover that it burst in the middle of the night.
    The Liner is abviuosly shot but the poles don't appear to be bent. Does anyone have any suggestions...should i purchase a new liner or the entire pool system all over again? AND can anyone give me any suggestions on what i did wrong?
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    Re: Grand Opening...Grand Closing

    Hi, welcome to TFP!
    You may as well buy a whole new pool, the liner only is hard to come by, and you can save the extra pieces for spare parts. The most important thing about setting up an itex type pool is to have a firm, level surface.

    How to Install a Temporary Seasonal Pool (Intex, Summer Escapes, ect)
    Materials needed: Shovel, concrete patio blocks, a straight 2’x4’x8’ board, measuring tape, nut grass killer, ground tarp, TF 100 test kit.
    Basic Instructions:
    1. First and foremost the ground under the pool must be level and firm. Remove the grass from the area to be leveled 2 feet wider than the stated diameter of the pool. (For an 18’ pool remove a 20’ circle of grass)
    2. Find the lowest point of the perimeter of the circle and use that as your reference to level the ground. Dig away the high spots inside the circle. Check for level using a 3’ long level on top of a straight 2’x4’x8’ board.
    3. Once the ground is level saturate the soil with nut-grass killer. Lay down the ground tarp.
    4. Lay out patio blocks where the upright supports will go. Dig out the area under the blocks so they will lay level with the ground.
    5. Lay out the pool liner so the openings for the intake and return are positioned as close to your source of electricity as possible. Assemble the pool according to the manufacturer’s directions.
    6. Fill pool with 12” of water and check frame for level. Pool should be within 1” of level for maximum safety. Adjust upright supports if needed at this time.
    7. Connect the pump/filter and continue filling the pool.
    8. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for operating the filter/pump.
    9. Use the pool calculator to determine how much CYA and FC you need for your pool.
    10. Use your TF 100 to test the water and balance as needed.
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