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Thread: Filter mishap????

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    Filter mishap????

    Hoping for some help

    I noticed a small leak at the drain pipe cap (I thought the pool company screwed it on too tight) on the filter and the pressure guage had risen and not responded to backwashing and resetting with DE. Last year when this happened the filter was clogged and we had to take it all apart and hose down the grids. So...I decided to do this yesterday. Filter was clogged and we cleaned it well, noticed NO tears or cracks in the grids or manifold. Had trouble getting the band back on the filter and was going to take it to a pool store to fix, and since it is 95 degrees here, I thought I'd put the pump on recirculate just to keep the water moving. (the chlorine was fine to last a couple of days) When I did this it blew what I assume is DE back into the pool although it was "dirt/sand" brown. I immediately turned off the pump.

    I was able to fix the band and get the filter up and running this morning. (There is a little crack -a little drip - in the drain pipe of the filter I need to get fixed but the pressure is fine now) but when I first put the pump on to reload the DE, that brownish muck blew into the pool again for a second or 2. I am praying it is just DE and will settle out and I can vacuum it up b/c the pool was crystal clear prior to this. It is certainly cloudy now.

    Prior to this my FC was at 10, CC 0.5, Ph 7.2-7.3, CYA ~35-40 (haven't quite mastered the black dot thing!), TA 100, Saline 3.2, temp 86. I did not test this am - I was too irritated and nervous I screwed something up. Any thoughts as to what that muck was? Thanks is advance for any advice and sorry for the long post...

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    Re: Filter mishap????

    Welcome to TFP.

    Does it happen every time the pump starts? If it doesn't, I wouldn't worry too much about it.
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