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Thread: Maytronics dolphin silica in motor

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    Maytronics dolphin silica in motor

    So I have a dead cleaner out of warranty, so I decided to tear it open, only to find the desiccant bag made of paper with glued edges that didn't hold together. the stuff was all over the circuit board, in the top motor housing and all aroung the drive motor shaft. All around the oring that surrounds the lid, the stuff was dang near coming out, and the screws were not even that snug.
    so the wet/moist desiccant now gets onto the circuit board and shorts something out, or in parts of the motor. For the cost of them, can't they even use a cloth bag sewn shut.

    Anyone successfully resealed the motor box on one of these?
    Doesn't seam to have any type of sealant, other than just a glob of lube around the o-ring.


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    Re: Maytronics dolphin silica in motor

    WELL.......... I am suprised it made it this long considering what I found after taking the drive motor out and apart. I find it hard to believe that something binding up the track would have enough force to bend the housing in such a drastic way. Put the gears and motor back together, now it runs, for how long before the gear pops out of place again I don't know.
    Bending it back will only break the housing I'm sure.
    Not that I would get a response from Maytronics considering what I have been reading on the internet, but I may still try.

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    Re: Maytronics dolphin silica in motor

    But still, moist silica desiccant on the circuit board can't be a good thing when these bags break open.

    Mine was ticking and clicking sound with no track movement at all, just dead it seemed.

    If Maytronics would sell the drive belt motors, they would have some happier "out of warranty" customers.

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    Re: Maytronics dolphin silica in motor

    I have a Dolphin Diagnostic 2001 which I purchased used. Unfortunately I took the seller on their word that the unit was fully operational.
    When I placed in the pool the unit did crawl around but no debris made its way into the filter bag.

    After inspecting closer I realized the impeller wasn't spinning. Is there a separate motor for the impeller?
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    Re: Maytronics dolphin silica in motor

    yep...looks about like mine when I opened it up....silica all over the inside of the motor housing. Rick....yes there is indeed a seperate motor for the impellor inside the motor housing. Chances are the motor is good, but the circuit board that controls the two motors inside the housing is SHOT..that is usually the case, and has been my experience with several dolphins. I've had a few of them. I tell people with dolphin problems the same thing..They are great when they work, BUT..take them out of your pool immediately upon completion of the motor housings WILL eventually leak small amounts of water inside either through the 20 screw locations on the housing, or where the motor shafts exit the housing. This will KILL the circuit board really quickly.
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