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Thread: Need spa jet pressure help

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    Need spa jet pressure help

    We recently moved into a home that has a Catalina Coronado model spa. I believe a 2004 model but I can't remember for sure.
    It was missing almost all of the jet inserts so when I drained and cleaned the spa out I replaced them.
    After refilling I had no jet pressure at all. Researching the net it seemed I had an airlock issue so I followed all of the advice here on clearing it.
    I thought I had it fixed as I saw jets start to spin and could feel water coming through them, but it never got above a weak little stream. all of them have water flow, but it is really weak.
    A few of the jets will throw out a couple of small bubble streams now and then but nothing more. The spinning type jets turn really slowly. Nothing like I have always seen them do in the past.

    If I open up the floor jet it is really strong and what I would expect. If I close off all of the jets except one it is barely pushing any harder. Definitely not enough force to be considered acceptable.

    The pump is a 2 speed, and both speeds and off can all be distinctly heard.
    The blower doesn't help anything with the pressure, just makes big bubbles.
    If I turn on the waterfall it has good pressure and is able to arc out into the middle of the spa.
    Misters work fine as well.

    I'm kind of at a loss. Is it possible I still have an airlock somehow? I've loosened the fitting above the pump several times. Initially I could hear a lot of air coming out, but now it is only water when I try it.

    I'll give anything a try if you have suggestions.

    Thank you

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    Re: Need spa jet pressure help

    Air locks are mostly relevant for gravity fed systems and not plumbing systems with pumps. A pump is usually powerful enough to overcome any sort of air lock. But given you have flow rate out of some of the returns and not others, it could be a blockage of some sort.

    Have you tried to remove all the jets inserts and then run the pump to see if anything comes out?
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    Re: Need spa jet pressure help

    Yeah. When we moved in there weren't any inserts left in it except for 3 of the neck jets and one very large one in the lounger. I removed the few existing ones when I was cleaning it up. I let it run for a while and nothing came out.
    All of the jets flow a little bit of water. Some are a little better than others. The two bench seat jets are worthless.

    I'm actually thinking I may have to replace a few of the bubble and jet valves. There is one over by the lounger that doesn't seem to do anything and one for the seats just broke apart. It may just be they aren't opening all the way.

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