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Thread: confused about "normal" and acceptable PSI

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    confused about "normal" and acceptable PSI

    So I have read probably 20-30 threads on this forum and other places on the Internet about PSI but still a bit confused.

    Is there really no "normal" PSI and instead you should just see what your pool is at when filter is cleaned, skimmers are cleared, etc? I ask b/c my pool is a year old but I just got it in a house we bought and I am not convinced that the previous owner was very good at maintenance based on some issues I have seen with it and have had to fix, so I do not really trust the "normal" PSI.

    Also, I just replaced the PSI gauge today as the old one never moved above 0 and for some reason I never quite put together that it was broke, just thought the PSI was super low (I know how stupid this sounds now).

    With the pump running on the high setting (has high and low), the pressure reads at 19.

    In the last 24 hours I have added salt to the pool and shock through the skimmer. I don't know if these affect PSI but wanted to list them in case it does.

    Should I consider 19 to be in the normal range since I cannot really baseline from when the pool was first installed? If not, what would be a normal reading.

    I want to use DE to get the pool clearer, but first I want to make sure the PSI pressure is reasonable.
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    Re: confused about "normal" and acceptable PSI

    Each individual system is different but 19 psi sounds in the common range.

    If you've cleaned your filter and have a new gauge take the reading as normal. Don't overthink it too much.
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    Re: confused about "normal" and acceptable PSI

    +1 what bama said.
    Dave S.
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    Re: confused about "normal" and acceptable PSI

    My normal PSI used to be 8 clean, then I changed gauges (died) and it went to 10 clean, I made some plumbing changes and added a PoolSkim and the normal is now 18 clean (I need to fix the plumbing)
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    Re: confused about "normal" and acceptable PSI

    My normal PSI was 13 for several years. Never changed. Never thought much about it. Then, one day I looked at it when the pump wasn't running. 13.
    $7.99 for a new gauge and my new normal is 17 PSI.
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    Re: confused about "normal" and acceptable PSI

    It all depends on how long the pipe runs are, how big are the pipes, even how big the return eyeballs are.

    You'll know after you backwash what clean pressure should be.
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    Re: confused about "normal" and acceptable PSI

    Depends on pump "size" too.

    19 PSI is high for a 1/2 HP pump on 2.5" plumbing but is low for a 2 HP pump on 1.5" plumbing.
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    Re: confused about "normal" and acceptable PSI

    Thanks for all the help!
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