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Thread: New to pool - Panic shock

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    New to pool - Panic shock

    I just moved into a new house. In addition I'm new to maintaining a pool.

    I thought I had an algae problem, light brown stains on the floor that appeared to be growing thought-out this older concrete pool, so I shocked the pool. Two small sections looked to be blackish? The water is clear. I bumped the chlorine up to 24 FC and lower PH to 7.4 and started to scrub with a metal brush, but there was no notice improvement, three days later the FC is currently at 18. The CYA is down to 50 due to rain and some draining / filling of water.

    It's an oval concrete pool about 40X18 with an 8 1/2 foot deep end.(est. 28K gallons?) The pool readings were initially below when I started the shock:

    FC - 1.62
    TC - 1.80
    PH - 7.8
    Alk - 115
    Hrd - 150
    CYA - 60

    All readings are per a color Q pro7, left by the previous owner. The shock readings may be subjective, as I read the Q has limits of 10 concerning FC levels. ( one must measure 1/2 cap full of the test bottle (10ml) and then multiplied by five). I'm not confident in the readings, as they tend to very if I test back to back. I have ordered a new test kit to confirm the readings.

    If it's a metal issue, would the shock have worsened / contributed to the staining? Vitamin C seemed to help the staining on my stairs?

    FYI - The pool "guy" came by today to help fix a problem with a leak in the Polaris pump and stated that he thinks that it's metal staining.

    28K gallon concrete pool ? - Built 1974 (re-conditioned 2002?)
    Polari's pump and cleaner
    De filter / 2 hp pump
    Hayward gas heater
    Fiber optics

    What's my best action to fix the metal staining? Similar to chlorine there are so many options...

    Thanks much - Just learning
    24,000 gal IG Gunite, Hayward NorthStar 2HP pump, Hayward 425 sq' cartridge filter
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    Re: New to pool - Panic shock

    First, determine that it is metal staining. It's easy! Get a Vitamin C tablet - if you don't have any, the cheapest generic at the drug store is fine - and set it on the black spot for about fifteen minutes. If there's a white spot where the tablet's metal.

    Use the search box - up on the top line next to logout for metal stains for a lot more information. Also check pool school, there's an article on metals and staining.
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