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Thread: Copper based algaecide

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    Copper based algaecide

    I am wondering if by using a copper based algaecide if it would turn normal white #20 silica sand to a sandbox colored sand? IF a copper based algaecide would not do this then what else could turn the sand to a brown color.

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    Re: Copper based algaecide

    Welcome to tfp, Bloomers

    We highly recommend against copper based algaecides since copper can stain and turn blond hair green. In addition, there are very few good reasons to use even the recommended algaecide formulation. If you do use an algaecide we recommend:
    Poly[oxyethylene(dimethyliminio)ethylene(dimethyliminio)ethylene dichloride]

    The only algaecide we recommend using. Often sold in a 60% concentration as Algaecide 60 or something similar. Other kinds of algaecide have various problems, adding metals, foaming, bad smells, etc, depending on what they contain. Algaecide is most effective at preventing algae from getting started, and doesn't do very well against an active algae bloom.
    Why are you using an algaecide?
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    Re: Copper based algaecide

    I am asking for a friend of mine and she doesnt remeber the brand. I am assuming its a knock off brand. She went to open her pool this year and sand was coming back into the pool. I took apart the sand filter to check the hub and laterals and noticed the sand was brown. It was new white sand last season that i got from my pool dealer. THere was a weak lateral, which would explain the sand in the pool. I personally use ez chlor algaecide plus. I have been trying to get her to purchase the same chemicals, but wont listen. I had a water sample taken and the iron was over 7ppm. Im baffled at this point

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    Re: Copper based algaecide

    . I had a water sample taken and the iron was over 7ppm
    That could very be the answer.
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