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Thread: the results are in, i need stabalizer

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    the results are in, i need stabalizer

    I got my test kit, here are my results

    FC = 1.5
    CC = 0
    PH = 7.2
    TA= 260
    CYA = 0

    So i'm glad to see that my chlorine and ph aren't bad, but clearly i need stabalizer. So i have question, if i put stabalizer in the skimmer like suggested is it then safe to swim while it is dissolving?

    Also though my TA is high i read in pool school that you shouldn't just try to hit a target. My PH is certainly not high, and i don't have calcium scaling. Should i just let TA sit for now and monitor PH as normal until an issue arises?
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    Re: the results are in, i need stabalizer

    It is safe, but I recommend putting the stabilizer in front of a return in a sock rather than adding to the skimmer. Adding to the skimmer is very bad about driving up your pump/filter pressure, and if you backwash you've just dumped all that expensive CYA onto your ground.

    Since you don't need a ton of it, you might even consider the higher cost of liquid stabilizer. Another option, if you have trichlor pucks, you can use those in a floater until CYA comes up to your target.

    Just monitor pH, and if it goes up, bring it back to 7.2 and eventually TA will come down.
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    Re: the results are in, i need stabalizer

    So i'm glad to see that my chlorine and ph aren't bad
    Your chlorine is probably all gone by need more. Chlorine is consumable and, without and CYA in your pool, it is likely all gone.

    You must not let the chlorine get to zero and you must replenish it daily.

    Get CYA in your pool right away and keep your chlorine up.......that should be your two priorities.

    You can work on pH and TA down the road. Get your CYA and chlorine corrected first.
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