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Thread: Bubbles on inside of liner, pump & skimmer question

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    Bubbles on inside of liner, pump & skimmer question

    We upgraded from the 1500 intex cartridge filter to a new 2650 intex sand filter on our 18'x48" intex ultra frame pool. After setup, backwash, rinse, etc., we ran the pump. Let me tell you, it MOVES some water compared to the old filter. We set it for 6 hours, watched it a few minutes and everything seemed to be going great so back in the house we went. The next day we checked out the pool and noticed tiny little bubbles under the water attached to the liner all around the inside of the pool. Also, the skimmer basket on the pump was part air and part water. We bled the air out, backwashed, rinsed, etc. and turned the pump on again. We noticed that it immediately started getting air in the skimmer basket on the pump again. We checked things and are pretty sure this is from the fact that we have an over the side skimmer and it is somehow pulling air through it, as when we unhooked the over the side skimmer the air went away in the skimmer basket on the pump and it filled up with water again and ran great. Can the over the side skimmer be weighted down to where it is more under water and won't rise to pull any air through? We have it set down in the water but it seems to be rising due to the harder pulling of the new pump. I really want a top skimmer as I dont like all the tiny bugs, leafy things, etc on the top of the water, but if it can't be run with it, I guess it will just have to be taken out and we will go back to manual skimming every day. We dont really want to put in a thru wall one as this is supposed to be a temporary stepping stone pool for a couple of years on the way to a bigger, better AGP. Also, are the tiny bubble a result of air being pushed out through the return or is this just from the extra churning/aerating of the water from the more powerful filter pump?
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    Re: Bubbles on inside of liner, pump & skimmer question

    I'm not sure how you adjust the Intex skimmer but it should be possible. You could install a Tee fitting in the water and that would allow less suction at the top of the skimmer and then the air shouldn't be a problem.

    As for the bubbles attached to the liner, I'd guess it's just entrained air, but posting a full set of test results might tell us more.
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