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Thread: Little Giant Pool Cover Pump Erratic Behavior- SOLVED

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    Little Giant Pool Cover Pump Erratic Behavior- SOLVED

    With my Autocover came a Little Giant Pool Cover Pump

    Model number APCP-1700, CAT 577301, made by Franklin Electric, Okalahoma City OK. 73112-2935

    It had been behaving erratically, turning off during pumping, not turning on when water level raised etc. Yesterday I emailed Franklin Electric, and to my surprise a person knowledgeable in their repair called me back a few hours later. He explained to me what could be happening. First suggestion was that the float had a hole/crack in it, and he gave me the part number to do a warranty claim. I asked about pollen gumming up the works of the switch etc., he advised it could be possible that the magnet the float raises could be dirty, and just need a cleaning. Finally he suggested one other thing to look at, which is a small hole that if blocked could cause "air lock", which didn't fit my description of the problem (he implied it would not work much at all if clogged), but i could check it while i had it taken apart.

    First i removed the small round access plate from the bottom of the pump housing. Second i took out the 5 philips head screws holding the blue housing on. Third i removed the pump float (it justs kind of clips in place).

    Float had no water in it, and looked fine, allthough dirty. Both sides of the magent looked fine too.

    Next i looked for the hole he was talking about, it's dead center of this picture and clogged.

    It was also clogged from the back side so i had to remove 4 more screws i think to remove the cover of the impeller to get to the backside of the hole.
    When i slide the cover off, it dislodged the debris, and i had my hole back.

    Took about 10 mins., and it works perfect now.
    Guess i'll have to clean it ever so often, or blow off my cover in the off season more often, so that water and debris don't mix and cause this issue again.
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    Re: Little Giant Pool Cover Pump Erratic Behavior- SOLVED

    Nice customer service from Franklin Electric. An easy fix for a DIYer.
    Dan D
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    Re: Little Giant Pool Cover Pump Erratic Behavior- SOLVED

    Just took apart my little giant pump that wasn't working referencing the above pictures, cleaned the little hole above the hose outlet as pictured and now it works like a charm. I ran the pump without the cover and evidently that little hole is some sort of recirculation system because it squirts a little jet of water. Thought I should reply to this thread just to say, worked for me and thanks!
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