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Thread: too small threaded strainer connector

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    too small threaded strainer connector

    Help please. The threaded strainer connector that came with the Intex 18 x 48 pool is smaller that the ones that go to the new 2650 sand filter pump. The pool is already filled with water! How do I change them without having to drain the pool down to the lowest valve? Ive been waiting to get this pool running all weekend! Now Im stuck!
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    Re: too small threaded strainer connector

    i would try doing the swap using two large bowls.

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    Re: too small threaded strainer connector

    What is the "threaded strainer connector"?

    A pool of your size should come with plunger valves that connect right to the pump hoses without anything needed.
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    Re: too small threaded strainer connector

    A combo of the plastic bowl and I would think some good plastic bags of some sort. The major problem is that the hole needs to me made bigger so you would have to put a bowl over the inlet and returns if you want to use both of those bigger pieces that came with the bigger pump.

    You might be able to have someone inside the pool press a bowl against the pool wall while you disconnect the hose to the inlet/return, then unscrew that smaller inlet/return, quickly use a sharpy to draw the bigger hole onto the outside of the pool, take a razor knife and/or scissors and cut the hole bigger, tape or plug the hole in the new bigger plastic piece, at the same time the bowl is moved slam the bigger, plugged inlet/return into the hole and quickly have someone screw in the outside part and install a plunger valve which should be closed, unplug the inlet/return and pray for no leaks.

    How's that?

    Oh, yes you will loose a little water but hopefully not to much.

    Bob E.

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    Re: too small threaded strainer connector

    They do. What I was talking about was on the inside of the pool. Nothing to do with hoses or the plunger valves. The piece that you put on from the inside of the pool and threads outside to the plunger valves. The inside had these grated "strainers" where the water passed through on the output and then again on the intake one, under the threaded cover that angles the water flow around the pool. If I can figure out how, I will take a pic and post it.
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    Re: too small threaded strainer connector

    Bob your right about the technique. The original ones I had, though, were the same size as the new ones, it just had a smaller "front". I didn't have to cut at all. Just had to switch out, quickly, the main piece and re-attach the screw, plunger then hose. I put the new piece in the bowl, sunk it under the water up against the inlet and outlet areas. As he disconnected the valve, then the big screw piece and pushed it into the bowl while grabbing with his finger the new one and pulling it through the hole, putting on screwed piece then valve piece, which was closed. Only lost a little bit of water. I stood on the outside of the pool holding bowl against the wall cuz it was only 70 degrees in KC tonight. Too cold to get in that water for me!
    18' x 48" Intex Ultra Frame, 2650 Sand Filter Pump

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