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Thread: Going to BBB from Pristine Blue

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    Going to BBB from Pristine Blue

    I have just started a new pool 24ft round 52" with a 5ft center. I guess you would say that the store and I have been saying instead of a 13.500 gallon pool that it should run around 14,000 gallons.

    My concern is what will happen if I started the bbb method after being on the prisine Blue start up with my pool? What do I do to switch over? will this hurt my pump and filter?

    The main reason I am thinking of starting on the method is I have been having to add a lot of chems to my pool in the short three weeks that I have had it and still having my kids swim suits come out with a greenish stain on the inside. The water is clear but not understanding why i have this happening. Also I do have well water and they keep telling me that I have a copper or iron problem.

    Please help me someone.


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    Re: Going to BBB from Pristine Blue

    Since you're on a well and you're using pristine blue you have been double whammied by the pool store. Pristine blue is Copper sulfate pentahydrate. So if you have metals in your well water and you're adding copper you exponentially increase an existing problem. I bet they do want to blame it on your well water.

    Have you ever had your well water tested for metals?

    Is there any way you can replace the water with metals free water? Have it trucked in maybe?

    Really though to switch over you just start adding chlorine.

    You could use sequestrants, but that's a never ending expense.
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    Re: Going to BBB from Pristine Blue

    I put the Pristine Blue in to start. Just the initial dose turned my daughter's hair green.
    I found this place and swapped over easily.

    Could still kick myself because I knew deep down inside that I should have looked into the Pristine Blue before just blindly dumping it in and hoping. Anxious to have the pool ready I went against my gut and made what I consider for us a poor decision. Green hair is one thing ~ but the health and safety (lack of it) concerned me even more. I have children in our pool all the time ~ I want the water to be the safest and healthiest it can be and from what I read (unfortunately after the fact) Pristine Blue for us was not a safe choice. Fortunately though it was very easy to get away from.

    I added sequestrant and then went BBB. No issues at all whatsoever with equipment. This year we did a partial fill so I didn't need to sequester anything, we're rolling with BBB and my daughter doesn't look as if she is trying to flirt with Kermit. I did get both a shampoo and condition from our Beauty Supply House that brought her hair back to normal color and beautiful texture. Would imagine if you are noticing problems with your children's swimwear the children aren't blondes so you aren't seeing it in their hair, but it's in there and gives the hair the worst "feel".
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