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Thread: Summer Escapes 1000gph pump failure and replacement

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    Summer Escapes 1000gph pump failure and replacement

    Had a feeling that pump looked a little cheesy! No big surprise that it failed after a month of hard running...

    Ordered an Intex 14in Sand Filter/Pump, and an adapter to hook up the intake hose to the S.E. thru-wall skimmer. Looks like it flows 1650gph. I like the S.E. skimmer, works well, and I like the second skimmer that the Intex pump has so I'm double protected from trash. I figure some pantyhose on the second skimmer and I'm set.

    Now, to keep the water sparkling until the goodies get here... Wish me luck!

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    Re: Summer Escapes 1000gph pump failure and replacement

    Good Luck!!!
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    Re: Summer Escapes 1000gph pump failure and replacement

    Cool. The Intex 1650 sand filter/pump is a pretty good combo and is working well on my 18 footer. With an eyeball return the pool circulates well. It actually pushes me in slow circles when I float in the pool
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    Re: Summer Escapes 1000gph pump failure and replacement

    I decided to check out the cause of failure. Took apart the GFCI plug, water inside. So much for the weatherproofing!

    Put a standard plug on and the pump fired up. This is good, now I can keep up with filtration and water flow while I wait for the new pump/filter. Or course, pump off when swimming!

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    Re: Summer Escapes 1000gph pump failure and replacement

    Just completed the 1600 Sand Filter Pump install. It has been a few days since the last vacuum, and already the debris at the bottom of the pool has gathered in the center! Great flow! I used an adapter to allow the thru-wall skimmer that came with the pool, and used a hose adapter that came with the pump kit to make the attachment to the hose.

    I am not thrilled with that hose adapter connection. It is a compression fitting, and seems to be a fragile connection due to the weight of the plunger valve, hose and the water it contains.

    I have used some zip-ties to help support the weight at the bottom of the skimmer, as well as at the pump outlet. I will look for a better connection to the skimmer {or tips on finding one!}

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