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Thread: Questions... Water Bugs, Pool Tiles and Pump Clouds

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    Questions... Water Bugs, Pool Tiles and Pump Clouds

    I posted a few weeks ago and a few people asked me to post a picture of "Grandpa's Pool". It is attached. I think its 45' x 20', 9 feet deep in the deep end. Built in 1958. We have been gradually resuscitating it over the past two years. I tried some plaster repair last year, and did a primer and epoxy pool paint from Leslie's this year that I am quite pleased with. The paint is doing a great job and should hold up for some time. On to my questions...

    1. Attached is also a photo of the old tile that has been on the pool. We obviously need to do something with it. Any suggestions? We obviously need to replace it, but I'm looking for ideas as to how to do this and what styles may work.
    2. We had a brief bout of algae at the bottom corners of the pool. We increased our chlorine (we use liquid) and brushed it and it solved the problem. The pool is crystal clear. The only issue is that there are small water bugs that are oval with two legs sticking out of either side. Even with heightened chlorine they are still there. Any suggestions? There aren't a huge number, you really need to look for them.
    3. We have an older model sand filter. I bet it is at least 10 years old. It is a System 3 Model S8S70. It seems to work fine, the only issue we have is that when we first turn on the pump (a 3 HP Pentair Intelliflo Variable Speed model) and it self primes you can see cloud of "dust" come out of the inlet holes into the pool. It only lasts for a few seconds and then its clear.

    The details of my last pool checks are (from memory)...

    FC = 3.0
    CC = .5
    TC = 3.5
    pH = 7.5
    T/A = 300
    CYA = 60
    Calc = 200

    [attachment=1014ymj6]Grandpa's Pool - 7.1.13.JPG[/attachment014ymj6]
    [attachment=0014ymj6]Pool Tile Issues - 7.1.13.jpg[/attachment014ymj6]
    Attached Images Attached Images
    35,000 Gallon Painted Plaster rectangular pool built in 1958 by my grandfather.
    Pentair Intelliflo Variable Speed 3 HP Pump
    StaRite System 3 Model S8S70 300# Sand Filter

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    Re: Questions... Water Bugs, Pool Tiles and Pump Clouds

    Raise your FC to 5-6; that may kill the bugs. IMO, for a CYA of 60, maintaining an FC level of 3 seems like a welcoming invitation to living things in your pool. Bugs, algae etc. I'd think 4 is likely a better minimum, and 6 probably a recommended target. Please type CYA Chart in the search box above, to get the real TPF recommendations.

    As for the tile, I'd assume you'd have to drop the waterline below the tile line.
    Remove the tile, remove as much residual mortar/grout as possible to get to base concrete.
    Acid wash if necessary. Water wash.
    Apply new tile of your choice.
    Assuming you're keeping water in the pool, you should keep thoroughly cleaning the pool of debris and construction materials/chemicals. Test often.

    And as to the Sand clouds at start-up, if your system has to re-prime each time, it suggests you are draining water out and air in to your system.

    Have you checked for leaks? Do you have air bubbles in your pump basket area?
    If so, on the suction side, while the pump is running, pour or hose water slowly over the pump lid, and separately over every joint, valve and pipe connection. With each spot, look to see if the bubbles in the pump lessen or disappear. If it does, you've found the air intrusion.

    (In our case, it was a bad ball valve, and a deteriorating DE filter.)

    I haven't used a sand filter in 40 years, so I can't speak to those specifics like the appropriate amount of sand, or interior condition, etc.

    Does your filter pull in air? Just like with pump lids and many older-type valves, filters can also require lubrication of O-rings.

    I hope any bit of this may be of use to you, or sparks a realization for you.

    You've got a great old pool. Enjoy it!!
    Alan in Wellington, FL - near West Palm Beach
    15,200 gal IG, painted plaster, 1988; 200 SqFt cartridge filter, 2013; 1.5 HP 1-speed pump (uprated), 2005; heat pump, 2005;
    soon to repair (dead) SWG AquaRite T-15 cell, 2005, and replace (dead) suction-side cleaner, 2005.
    Almost everything died this winter 2012-'13, and I know we shouldn't complain... but, Arrgh!

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