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Thread: Newbie to pools with several questions

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    Newbie to pools with several questions

    I'm a new owner of a neglected older pool. No prior pool experience, so first thanks to all for the wealth of information. Studying the info here has enabled me to go from a green swamp to a decent looking pool, using BBB and a Taylor K-2006. My numbers at the moment are:
    FC 8.0
    CC 0.5
    PH 7.4
    TA 80
    CA 380
    CYA 80
    The pool is leaking badly (plaster delaminating) and I'm planning a remodel soon but I'd like to try to get thru the summer if possible. I'm having to run a hose (well water) for 90 min every morning. I'm working on getting a decent estimate of the leakage rate, as well as finding the leaks(food coloring?) and sealing them (two part "Pool Putty"?). Any thoughts on that are welcome!
    I also have a couple of filter questions:
    1. After backwashing my DE filter, do I need to add DE? I've seen several posts that indicate this is the case, but the manual for the filter doesn't mention adding DE after backwash, only after manual cleaning. If so, how much? Manual says 4.8 lbs after cleaning.
    2. I've owned the pool for 3 months. Don't know when the filter was cleaned last. I've backwashed it, but have not manually cleaned. Pressure running around 18 psi. Backwash dropped it 2-3 psi. Seems like it might be a good idea to do a manual clean (and then add DE) to establish a baseline reading for the future. What say you folks?

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    Re: Newbie to pools with several questions

    You need to re-charge the DE filter with DE after backwashing. I usually add 1lb less than what is recommended because there is still DE left on the grids after backwashing. I'll add the recommended DE if I was doing a complete tear down/cleaning of the filter.
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