I have received a few quotes for landscape lighting around a new pool/patio. Two contractors priced out Alliance Lighting fixtures with transformers (less $$) and one chose Unique Lighting Systems (more $$). I have found a lot on the web about Unique and they seem to be well respected. However, I can't seem to find much about Alliance. Maybe I'm not searching the right way. One of the contractors offered to price out Cast Lighting items but then he came back with Alliance in the quote.

Does anyone know about or have experience with Alliance Lighting products, specifically path lights and bullet lights? Is it a respected company and make decent, durable products? What are the major differences between the cheaper and more expensive lighting fixtures? I won't go for the cheaper products if they aren't going to last.

What about Cast Lighting? Do they make good landscape lighting products? I'm thinking of having that contractor I mentioned price out with Cast ( I'm guessing it will be more money).