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Thread: Vinyl Liner Vacuum Recommendations?

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    Vinyl Liner Vacuum Recommendations?

    It's time for a new pool vac. Anyone have a preferred brand or style that is better than another? My pool is a classic rectangle with deep end and lots of straight line angles.
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    Re: Vinyl Liner Vacuum Recommendations?

    I have had a Kreepy system and currently have a Dolphin system. Both of these system experience issues in covering an odd shape pool (which is what I have) but since yours is rectangular, you should not have that concern to the degree that I have had.

    Having said that, something to think about with respect to the Kreepy system is that it works in/with your basket returns(drains). You plug (cover) one drain and connect the Kreepy to the other drain. I feel like some water quality problems I've experienced may have developed from the area near the plugged drain but that is unsubstantiated.....

    Also, the Kreepy does NOT require power - it works from the water suction of your return basket.

    The Dolphin system requires a nearby electrical outlet. Putting an electrical cord in a pool seems wrong on so many levels but the Dolphin cord is fairly well protected/padded. Still, I wouldn't swim while the Dolphin is in the pool - something you can do with the Kreepy.

    The Dolphin will likely clean better - and is more likely to cover the entirety of the pool.

    You will have more hands on time with the Dolphin (placing in the pool, taking out of pool) but it is a pretty quick process.

    You'll have to leave the Kreepy in the pool longer to achieve cleaning AND you may not be able to clean all of your pool with your Kreepy if you don't get enough hose. If your pool has unequal suction through the return baskets, you may find the Kreepy doesn't work so well connected to the return basket with less suction.

    Food for thought...
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    Re: Vinyl Liner Vacuum Recommendations?

    I have had a Water Tech Blue Pearl for years and it rocks.
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