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Thread: Question for onBalance or someone who knows about CaCl

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    Question for onBalance or someone who knows about CaCl

    Pretty sure I am a victim of dry troweling or too much Calcium Chloride being added to my recently remodeled pool. However, I have yet to find someone willing to diagnosis it as such. My water is not aggressive. Typically are as follows:

    PH - high 7s or 8
    TA - 80-90
    FC - 4-5
    Ca - 420
    CYA 40

    Started to notice grey mottling at dawn and dusk about a month after the plaster was redone (June 2011). This spring I started noticing etching in those same places. I have to add at least a gallon of pH to pool a week (24,000 gallons) to bring the pH into the acceptable range. Original pool guy claims that some type of petroleum product (perhaps from when my roof was redone) must have gotten into the pool and that is why I am having these issues. (Other consults are calling BS on this) He also said pH doesn't matter. Reluctant to let him touch my pool again, even though it technically should be under warranty.

    Question that I have for the pros is, how effective would it be to polish the pool at this point? I have consulted two members from the National Plaster Council for their opinion, one was the president. Both said to polish. Is that my best option? It would cost about $870 to get it done? I am in North Texas and was told not to try this until October or later simply because of the heat. And that a gas pump was needed to drain the pool and get water back in the same day after sanding. One of the NPC individuals also said that I might want to try Startup-Tech to address some of the algae I am getting in the pitting.

    Thoughts? Appreciate any input.

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    Re: Question for onBalance or someone who knows about CaCl

    Gray mottling and etching usually do not go together. Have you felt the gray and etched areas with your hand. Any differences?
    What type of finish do you have? Typical white plaster or quartz?
    Is there anyway you can post some pictures?

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