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Thread: out of LEVEL AGAIN

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    out of LEVEL AGAIN

    18' intex pool is out of wack by 3 inches on a 3rd of the pool.

    1. Can i Dig out under the legs on the high side to bring it back in line?

    2. can I get away eith it as it is, the seam on the bottom looks to be the same all the way around sitting on the ground.

    3. the lower side (higher water level) the liner seems to be pulled down further than the higher side (lower water level)

    I have the pool filled to 7" under the line on the high side and 3-3.5" on the low side Ive swam in it a little but just me this thing moves and creaks like crazey is that normal?

    Im to the point im going to return this thing and buy a sprinkler

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    Re: out of LEVEL AGAIN

    Sorry, but your pool is too far out of level for any one to promise it will stay up. It might, but I think it is slowly going to come over. 1" out of level is what most of consider maximum to insure it will stay upright.
    Dave S.
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    Re: out of LEVEL AGAIN

    Thats what I was afraid off. Can I dig out under the high side legs to bring it back in line? heres some pics
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    Re: out of LEVEL AGAIN

    No. You can not! A gallon of water weighs approximately 8lbs. You have how many gallons in that pool?

    As far as I know HeMan, Hulk n SuperMan are all cartoon characters. You need to drain it and dig that high side down.
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    Re: out of LEVEL AGAIN

    The points where the legs touch the ground is not the only points out of level, if 1/3 of the pool is out of level than 1/3 of the pool base is out of level. Coming up with a way to sink a few legs into the ground really isn't fixing the problem.

    The proper fix is to tear it down and level the site properly, then install properly.

    Appreciate that your pool holds something in the area of 60,000 lbs of water, imagine what that will do to persons or property if it fails, also you will be liable.

    I know its not what you want to hear but that much water needs to be on a properly leveled site and properly installed pool.
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    Re: out of LEVEL AGAIN

    I'm guessing the pool legs are sitting on the ground. If so, there's your problem and you will be fighting this from now on. The pool legs need to be sitting on a stable surface. Most of us use concrete paver blocks. Mine are on 12" x 12" x 2" blocks. You want to dig down on the high side so that it's level with the low side, then recess the blocks so they are level with the surrounding ground.

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    Re: out of LEVEL AGAIN

    Mine was bad last year. When I tore it down this year to redo it and hopefully save it I discovered how far the legs on the low side sank...

    I lost 2 of the plastic end caps and still can't locate them. When we took it down it took 2 of us to get those 3 legs out of the ground....

    RIP leg end caps lol

    I leveled it this year, put pavers in the ground and used foam.. Working great and with the neverending rain here apparently I am glad I did!

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    Re: out of LEVEL AGAIN

    Last year we build a "sand box" type set up to level an area for our 16X48. We didn't put pavers below the legs and it sunk, to about 3-4 inches difference across about half of the pool. We had the attitude of "forget it and let it be". We used tie down straps and secured the pool to a tree on each side. Honestly, that was about the dumbest looking pool fix I've probably ever seen or even heard of. Sure enough, rain washed out more of the pool and caused one the legs to bend and the pool started to pour water out of the side like a spout. RIP pool.

    This year we did it right, we absolutely had to rent a bobcat (husband loved that). Spent a day getting it perfectly level. The following day we dug 2 french drains located on either side of the pool. Our property is at the very bottom of a hill and all of our rain water, the house above us, the house across the street from them, and the house next door to that house all send rain water down hill to our pool area. Regardless of codes, we haven't had any resolution to the problem so we just handled it ourselves. After that came the sand and I was lucky enough to salvage bricks from where my father built his house and built a retaining wall and bed around the pool. We got the sand perfectly level and put all legs on pavers. We've had lots of rain this year and the pool has not shifted or had any problems. Some of the mulch has washed out, but that's really minor to having a pool fall.

    When the original pool failed, had we not been on the corner and had a neighbor in the path of the water. We probably would have damaged landscaping and possibly flooded a basement or their crawl space. Would have been totally liable for that.

    Sounds like a lot of BS for a pool advertised to be easy to put up, huh? The set-up cost us around $400 not including the pool or water. However; with that being said. This year I haven't been worried about the pool at all. Our situation is probably a lot different than yours, and I doubt you'd even spend half of what we did to do it right.

    There is a house up the road from us, their back yard is pretty un-level and they had, what I guess to be, a 16X32 metal frame pool. It leaned terribly but stayed up and was used for years until they moved.
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