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Thread: Pool builder did not seal expansion joint

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    Pool builder did not seal expansion joint

    My pool was completed in Aug of 2008. The builder also did the concrete deck. I knew nothing about pools or pool construction so the fact that the guy didn't seal the expansion joint wasn't something I looked for. Long story short, the deck has settled about 1.25" in two spots which is shifting the skimmer so a leak has been caused (he actually fixed this twice in previous summers when the deck had settled only a .25", he never mentioned the joint seal). I'm telling him he didn't properly tamp the soil and that's why the deck has settled and NOW he says it's because I didn't seal the joint and water has caused sub-erosion. I'm saying that's his responsibility to seal the joint. Why would he not do that? Is that common practice? All there was was some foam. And how do I know that the unsealed joint was the cause of the problem and it wasn't the water leaking around the skimmer? It's been 5yrs since the pool was built and wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar problem and if I have a case since he never sealed the joint.
    Pool size: 30,000 gallons
    Filter: Sand, Triton II TR-100
    Filtration flow rate: 74 gpm
    Pool: IG
    Type: Plaster
    Pump: Emerson, 2HP

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    Re: Pool builder did not seal expansion joint


    I'm also experiencing a concrete deck issue and was about to post something when I saw your post. I won't hijack your post, but will respond that my pool was build in spring 2012 and my expansion joint is also not sealed. I was told that the foam will quickly deteriorate (birds picking at it, etc) and it was recommended I pay someone to seal the joint. I've been trying to decide who/how/when I will do that. For the most part, the foam is still in place right now, but certainly not providing a tight seal.

    I also agree it's the concrete contractor's responsibility to ensure the substrate is adequately compacted and prepared. You will see in my post that this clearly didn't occur. Now I notice slight elevation in the decking compared to the coping, as well as some cracks.

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