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Thread: 4 days with BBB

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    4 days with BBB

    Hi I'm new to BBB! Had pool installed beginning of last season. No problem all year using traditional trichlor in the pool Frog system. But had been reading this site and piqued my interest even last year. Last June CYA was at 35 - this June it was 80. So I decided to switch over as now I see evidence of the issues you discuss here. But I need some encouragement - everyday I worry I will come home to a cloudy or green pool! Turned off Frog on Saturday and adding bleach each night. Current test results at 6:00PM:

    FC 3.5
    CC 0
    PH 7.6
    ALK 90
    CYA 80

    I've been putting in about 1/2 gallon of Bleach per night and each day when I come home the FC has been consistently 3.5 (0 CC). Thats where I kept it with the Frog. Pool in full sun all day in PA.

    Does the amount of bleach per day sound about right? The CYA chlorine chart shows a target FC of 9 - should that be in the morning, evening, average? The water is crystal clear but want to make sure I am not heading for trouble. Thanks in advance for any help!
    Bob, Lansdale PA
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    Re: 4 days with BBB

    The target is what you plug into the pool calculator to get the dose. The minimum FC at all times should never get below 6. pool-school/chlorine_cya_chart_shock

    The bleach consumption sounds reasonable.
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    Re: 4 days with BBB

    Welcome to TFP!!!

    You need MORE chlorine. I see you found the chart in Pool School (which you have already read all of ... right )

    For a CYA of 80ppm (which is double what we recommend and you should seriously consider replacing 50% of the water), the minimum you should ever let the FC get is 6ppm, which is the most important thing. The target would be a good number to hit in the evening and then verify you are still above the minimum by the next night.

    Now you will say, but my test only goes up to 5ppm ... well, that is why you should have one of the Recommended Test Kits
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    Re: 4 days with BBB

    Thank you so much for the guidance. Understanding all of it in a few days is not easy so I appreciate the replies. I'm going to go add another 1/2 gallon and see where I am in the AM and tomorrow after work.

    I bought the Taylor K-2006 test kit so I'm confident I can perform all the tests needed.

    Thanks, again!
    Bob, Lansdale PA
    15K vinyl inground, Waterway 1.5 HP, Waterway 400# sand, AquaComfort heater, K-2006 test kit

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