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Thread: i am using the bbb pool still blue

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    i am using the bbb pool still blue

    i have a cheap test kit right now
    cl 5
    ph 7.2
    TA 150
    cya 40 to 50

    it has been blue and cloudy for about a week what do i need to adjust to get it to clear up
    i have a vinyl inground pool about 18,000 gallons with sand filter
    this is the first time i have really messed with a pool it started off black so it seems i am making some progress been do alot of reading here i am on the 3rd week sence it was black
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    You didn't mention if you had an algae bloom but I'm guessing by you saying the pool was black that you did have one. Have you been brushing and shocking frequently. You haven't given any information on what you've done to get it from black to blue.

    You also haven't mentioned if your pump has been running and if you've been backwashing/cleaning the filter periodically. What type of filter do you have btw? You need to continue running the pump and cleaning the filter often especially if you had an algae bloom which it sounds like you had. Also you need to check if you still have algae or if you killed it all and just need to vacuum it all away. One way I check for algae is to test my FC at night then check it again first thing in the morning (both when there's no sun). If your losing FC than you still have algae.

    Also you need to keep your FC level to at least 6ppm (based on your CYA) and with a cheap kit you don't really know how much FC you have and how much CC. I would definitely get a better test kit (The kit here is awesome and I highly recommend as it has lasted me a long time) but in the meantime I would increase my FC to shock levels. Check out the Chlorine to CYA chart and the pool calculator to estimate how much bleach you will need. I would keep it at shock levels until I get my test kit. This may mean testing several times a day and adding bleach every few hours. If there's a pool store nearby I'd use them to test my water until my kit came in. How did you get your CYA? Strips are very unreliable and human error element increases (even with the pool store results) This may mean going there every few hours but you have to go after it and be consistent for several days. It can sometimes take a week to get back to normal but If you neglect a few days then you almost have to start all over again.

    I'd bet that you still have algae and your FC levels are too low and that your going to have to add alot more bleach over the next few days. You may also want to use a flocculent to help clear up cloud but you may want to wait for the experts to chime in first.
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    A better test kit would be a huge help. You might still have algae or you might not, but it will take a better test kit to be sure one way or the other. Keep in mind that it can take the filter up to a week to clear the water after you kill the algae. It would also be good to get a CH number.
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    i have a cheap test kit right now
    I doubt that you will make much headway in clearing up your pool without a test kit that can perform the DPD/FAS chlorine test. The test strips and "guess-a-color" methods of measuring FC (free chlorine) simply are not accurate enough to keep your pool clear and sparkling.

    Forum member Duraleigh's TF-100 test kit, Taylors K-2006 and the Leslie's DPD/FAS test kit are all good kits. I would STRONGLY recommend that you get one of these test kits as soon as possible. Or you will be battling this problem for another 3 weeks....

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    I only had a cheap test kit for the longest time. During my conversion from Baquacil to BBB, I only had the cheap wal-mart kit to test the chlorine levels.
    With 1 part pool water + 3 parts destilled water I measured the levels & multiplied by 4 to get a somewhat correct result.

    For your cloudy water, I would go back to shock levels with bleach and hold it for a few more days at least. (Or until you can hold the level over night)

    By then, your good kit should be in your mail-box (If you ordered onr) & you can test EVERYTHING!

    Don't give up, you shold be there soon!!
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