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Thread: Pool turned green overnight - need help identifying cause

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    Pool turned green overnight - need help identifying cause

    Hi all,

    Up until a few days ago, my pool was a clear sparkling oasis. Then yesterday morning, I looked outside and saw that the water had turned green. I walked over to the pool and the water is clear so I can see the bottom just fine, but there is still a light green tint. I emptied out the skimmer basket as I do every morning and there was a dead frog (nothing unusual for us). Then I went to the filter basket by the pool pump and noticed another dead frog in there! I was dumbfounded as to how a frog could have managed to bypass the skimmer basket and crawl/swim/get sucked up to the filter basket, but then I found out that a friend who came over on Sunday for a little get together had emptied the skimmer basket and a frog somehow escaped the skimmer basket. He thought the frog went back into the pool but he couldn't find it anywhere, so now we know how the frog made it up to the filter basket.

    Anyways, my theory is that the frog was in the filter basket for 24-36 hours and my pump/filter essentially was making "frog soup" and the resulting organic material was being passed back into the pool which acted as super fertilizer to spark an algae bloom. Thinking this had to be the case, I poured several gallons of bleach into the pool yesterday, which usually clears up any algae quite quickly. However, this morning, the pool was still greenish in color so I went and got several more gallons of bleach to dump in, which I just did, so I will have to wait to see if that works.

    Something else worth noting is that I have been running the SWG the past 4 or 5 days and it appeared to be working correctly. However, my question is, if the SWG was running correctly, shouldn't the chlorine from the SWG taken care of the algae/green water in the first place? Or would it be possible that my SWG is actually the cause of the green water somehow? The fact that the water is a lightly tinted green and the water is still completely clear to see all the way to the bottom, makes me wonder if somehow copper had something to do with it? But how would copper get into the pool all of a sudden and overnight, when we've never had a copper issue in the past 4 summers?

    I know I need to test my water and post the results here but I was just curious if anyone has any idea what would cause water to go green over night (if it was the frog in the filter basket and/or the SWG or something else)? And if it is a copper issue, how would I go about testing it and how would I resolve it?


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    Re: Pool turned green overnight - need help identifying caus

    I don't think the frog had anything to do with it.

    What are your test numbers for chlorine and CYA?
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    Re: Pool turned green overnight - need help identifying caus

    +1 what JohnT said.
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    Re: Pool turned green overnight - need help identifying caus

    If one frog for 24 hours caused the pool to green every time ... My pool would never be clear with all the dead lizards, mice, birds I find in my pool ... often after much longer than 24 hours to the point they are almost liquified I should probably check more often
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    Re: Pool turned green overnight - need help identifying caus

    Have you ordered your TF-100 yet? link in Duraleigh's sig.

    You won't regret being able to test your own water. Pool stores tests are notoriously inaccurate. I suspect semi on purpose to be able to sell chemicals that you don't need.
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    Re: Pool turned green overnight - need help identifying caus

    If it's crystal clear and green, perhaps the pH is out of range and dissolved iron is precipitating out?

    There's really no way to know without test results.
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    Re: Pool turned green overnight - need help identifying caus

    Thanks everyone for the replies. I thought it was a little unusual that one frog could cause the water to turn green overnight since we've had tons of frogs and random animals before and never had this happen. Since it's likely not the frog, then I don't think it's necessarily an algae issue because I put in a ton of bleach and vacuumed, but the water still looks green... usually when I vacuum up algae, you can see exactly where the vacuum cleaned up the algae... but not this time. I'm thinking it could be a copper issue or some other issue that isn't related to algae. Anyways, I ordered another test kit as you suggested and hopefully it will get here by tomorrow or Friday, so I will keep you all updated.

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