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Thread: cloudy green pool

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    cloudy green pool


    I've read through many posts trying to find an answer to our cloudy green pool problem, but can't find a match so I'm asking for help! Tested at a store...haven't invested in our own pool tester yet! It was tested Saturday, June 22.

    FC 0
    TC 0
    Combined Chlorine 0
    PH 7.7 (2nd summer in use)
    TA 60
    CH 255
    CYA 10
    Salt 3900
    Saturation index -0.2

    6 lbs Stabilizer and 1.5 chlorine tablets have been used and still cloudy green and can't see the bottom of the deep end at this point. Haven't had it retested either.
    28K, sand filter, IG vinyl, 1/2HP, 70gpm (not sure if that's right)

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    Re: cloudy green pool

    Welcome to the forum

    Seems you already took care of the CYA problem and are maybe around 35ish or so.
    Don't add any more CYA until the Shock Process is completed.

    Now you need to follow the Shock Process up in Pool School.

    The best investment you will make in the pool is a good test kit. The TF100 is the fav around here. Site owner makes the kits.
    Best bang for the buck and A1 customer service. Link in my sig.

    What size/pounds is sand filter? Add that info to sig, please.

    Do you have a SWG?
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    Re: cloudy green pool

    We do have a SWG a breeze
    28K, sand filter, IG vinyl, 1/2HP, 70gpm (not sure if that's right)

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    Re: cloudy green pool


    Actually, your problem is pretty common - insufficient chlorine.

    1.5 tablets might keep a blow-up kiddie pool clear, but you've got a whopper. 6 lbs of CYA should get you up to about 26. Those pucks won;t affect it in any measurable way. So...shock level is 12. To get there using Chlorox 8.25% bleach, you're looking at 4 121 oz jugs! And that's just the starting dose. The SWG won't be able to keep up by itself.

    A little inspiration:
    frog-filled-green-swamp-to-oasis-work-in-progress-t48213-20.html be sure to look at page 2
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