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Thread: Brand new above ground pool. no idea how to do anything.

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    Brand new above ground pool. no idea how to do anything.

    Our landlord has approved of us buying a 15x48 above ground pool in our backyard. The pool we are buying is the intex ultra frame with C type filter cartridge with built-in chlorinator that uses 1" tablets, one skimmer pump system with GFCI protection (ground fault circuit interrupter). Could someone please dumb that down for me? Also could you tell me exactly what to buy along the lines of chemicals and other accessories. I have a day each week set aside to clean and manage my pool. The water I will be using to fill the pool is clean and always clear. I think thats it let me know if i can help with more anwsers

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    Re: Brand new above ground pool. no idea how to do anything.

    First thing is ground leveling. Do some reading here in the above ground pool section to understand the leveling process for these pools. It is not a matter of sitting it in the yard and filling up

    While you are doing that order the TF100 test kit recommended on this site. It will help you maintain your pool with the utmost accuracy.

    More will chime in but that is where I would start.

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    Re: Brand new above ground pool. no idea how to do anything.


    Leveling your pool is the first and most important step in enjoying your set up. If the pool is off by more than 1", you will see it! The more out of level it is, it becomes dangerous for not only the people who use it but those who occupy the vincinity of the pool and any property that may be damaged around the pool if it collapses. Please take your time and do your best to prepare the foundation of the pool. You can not use dirt to fill in any low spots and level it off as it will sink. Sand should not be used to level off an un even yard. Find a spot in the yard, paint a 17ft radius circle and remove the sod. After you do that, find your low spot (as that will be the floor of your pool and remove the high areas. Still want that pool?

    Pool care is not limited to just one day a week. It's more than that. Like 5 minutes a day which doesn't include sweeping. FC and pH need checked on a daily basis, or at the least, every other day but for someone just getting started, daily testing is recommended in my opinion.

    Although your water is crystal clear coming from the tap, it won't stay that way sitting in the pool out in the elements. Testing daily is key. I would recommend you invest in a reliable test kit like the TF-100 or the K-2006. A lot of people prefer the TF-100. There is a link to it in my signature.

    Pool School is your friend right now. You will find everything you need there to get started with the BBB (Bleach, Borax, & Baking Soda).
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    Re: Brand new above ground pool. no idea how to do anything.

    Before you buy anything you should use the Pool School link in the upper corner and settle in for some reading.
    You need to have a solid understanding of what everything is, what the responsibilities are and how to set it up and maintain it properly, this will also dispell any misconceptions you may have.

    There's no way to dumb things down nor do you really want that, you want to get the knowledge.
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