I've been thinking of building a fountain with a foot of 1" pvc like I've seen posted.

If I was to drill 12 or so fountain holes and also 12 LED holes directly behind them and glue some LEDs in, would it actually light up the water coming out at night?

Anyone know what the brightest/cheapest LEDs would be that would easily glue water-tight into a drilled hole?

What if I took a few of those color changing LED floater things from walmart and used their logic boards with some wire to extend the LEDs off the board & over to my fountain? That would give some neat effects but those are not very bright, would you be able to see that? At all? I wonder if those get decently bright with an external power supply vs. the tiny watch batteries?

Also, I'm using a small 1/2hp intex sand filter/pump with one return. It's a pretty strong flow out of that 1 return, I'll have a valve to turn on/off the fountain, but do I need a valve to restrict flow to the return when I want to use fountain? Fountain would be 5-6" above waterline, return is 2" below waterline.

edit: my LED power source would be well away from the water, only lvdc getting anywhere near the pool for this.