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Thread: DE Leaking into pool??

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    DE Leaking into pool??

    First, let me say that this site has been extremely helpful. Thanks to the pros that help those of us who are less-experienced. My kids got into the pool yesterday for the first time this summer after not getting to use it at all last year...was so rewarding!

    Question. Specifically on my shallow end (likely because it is easier to see the bottom), I notice little piles of 'dirt' collecting...generally on the side of the return. I vaccuum them up, but then they appear again a day or two later. I 'think' it is DE leaking back into my pool? Any thoughts? Obviously I don't want the kids swimming in water with DE particles all through it, I heard it isn't good for you.

    The substance looks like it collects in little tan piles on the bottom, and vaccuums up easily. I don't want to keep vaccuuming it up and then having it back in the pool water while the kids are swimming...
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    Re: DE Leaking into pool??

    Little tan piles sounds more like dead algae than DE. When your chlorine levels are marginal or inconsistent, algae can grow without blooming, resulting in constant dead algae on the bottom of the pool. Post your water chemistry results for better advice, but you most likely need more chlorine.
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    Re: DE Leaking into pool??

    Yes it sounds more like algae. It could also be pollen or fine dirt. DE would have a white to gray tint. Post a full set of numbers. Once wet DE should not pose a problem. It's when it airborn you don't want to breath it. You could also pull the filter apart and take a look for problems. It should be done once a season anyway.
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