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Thread: Algee under stairs

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    Algee under stairs

    Above ground round 28' Doughboy. Opened up the pool this spring, cleaned things up, got the levels where they should be and it was ok for a week or so then water got cloudy. Could not get ahead of it as algee kept appearing on the sides and a little on the bottom. Had water tested and we needed to add shock and 17 lbs alkalinity plus. It was ok for a while then went bad again quickly. Decided to check behind and inside stair cavity. Bingo, algee city.
    Moved stairs out and below them was a ton of algee as well as rock bags and inside stair cavity.
    We did not take the stairs out this winter, and every two weeks I scooped leaves and dumped in two bags of shock then swept the bottom to assure shock desolved.
    How does one keep the algee from building up under and inside stairs?


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    Re: Algee under stairs

    Woodyp says:
    I have wedding cake steps that look like the sides have been attacked by crazed woodpeckers in heat from drilling some "extra" circulation holes in them.
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    Re: Algee under stairs

    Yes, they are wedding cake style. Great idea. I have a buddy who installed an additional jet to improve circulation. The extra holes sounds like an easier solution since I just took them out tonite to clean them up.

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    Re: Algae under stairs

    I gather from your post that you don't have your own good test kit. I suggest you read here and learn how to test to make sure there's nothing hiding in your pool water. An also get a good test kit. 17 lbs of alkalinity plus (baking soda) is a lot for that size pool. It would have raised your TA by 90 ppm! What was your TA before adding it?
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    Re: Algee under stairs

    Yes, we have a test kit as well as test strips. As I mentioned, when I took a sample of our water to our pool professional, we put in exactly what he recommended, which included 17 lbs of alk. plus.

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