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Thread: New Intex Pool question - unlevel pool

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    New Intex Pool question - unlevel pool

    We installed an Intex 15x48 Metal Frame pool and leveled the best we could. It's up and we are precisely 2.25 inches unlevel. It's a gradual change and it looks like we are only off by 2 tiles. So far the pool hasn't shifted at all and the poles are not sinking. We are watching carefully and do not see any change. The pool has been up for 2 weeks. We have already drained and leveled once and don't want to again if we don't have to. Any feedback from other Intex Pool owners would be great. Has anyone actually had one blow out on them from this?

    Thanks from a newbie

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    Re: New Intex Pool question - unlevel pool

    Did you use a level or just eyeball it?

    Although leveling a pool site is tedious work, it needs to be done correctly with a great deal of time and effort spent on it whether it's done with machine and then hand dug or just hand dug.

    Although you may think 2" isn't bad, industry standards are 1" and/or less. You could very well skirt through the summer like it is but I can't see it and my kids aren't playing in it.
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    Re: New Intex Pool question - unlevel pool

    Well we did use standard levels and its going to be up for only 2 months then come down.

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    Re: New Intex Pool question - unlevel pool

    I just put up a 20' Intex (pro series) and I had the same concern. Everywhere I looked said "level is level" The instructions say something to the effect of "begin filling pool. If there is more than 1-2 inches of water at one end before water reaches the middle, stop, drain and re-level the pool" To me that means you can be 2-4 inches out of level from one side to the other. My pool was about 5 inches, but I dug under the posts on the high side and dropped it down a little and now it is about 3 inches and it doesn't look too bad. I think when I take it down in a few months, I will start leveling the ground while the grass is dead. I don't recommend doing it this way, but this is what I did. Next year I will do things a bit different, including putting the drain and the filter on the low side of the pool........
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    Re: New Intex Pool question - unlevel pool

    Thanks for the feedback so far. I looked and the pool is still looking very stable and hasn't changed at all. Have had lots of swimmers and no issues so far. I would love to hear from other Intex owners with similar unlevel pools. Also please let me know how your unlevel pool does for the summer. We will use it only for the next few months. If there is a change we plan on draining and fixing it.

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    Re: New Intex Pool question - unlevel pool

    Also just to add another comment there is no bulging on the liner at all and we under filled it by a few inches as well.

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