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Thread: Opened Pool for first time

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    Opened Pool for first time

    Good morning everyone!! I decided to buy an Intex pool so my family would be able to enjoy the pool without having to go anywhere. The idea sounded perfect but unfortunately i didn't follow the correct steps in order to set it up perfectly. Now i have atleast a 6" inch slope in the pool due to the ground being unlevel. Im not sure what should be my next step. I have read about possibly jacking the pool up to make it more level, and draining the pool and leveling the ground. I think draining the pool would be the best idea but not sure how to drain the pool or how to level the ground without killing my wallet. Any suggestions?

    Pool Info:
    18' x 48" Ultra Fame Intex pool

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    Re: Opened Pool for first time

    Hi, welcome to TFP! Unfortunately the best way to fix the pool is to drain it, take it down and level the ground. Many of our members level the ground by hand, or rent equipment to remove the excess dirt. It is always best to dig down to a level spot instead of trying to build up, especially with a difference of 6 inches. Some of our members have installed a concrete or paver patio a little bigger than the circumference of the pool to set it on, and then take down the pool when swim season is over and use the patio as outdoor living space or a play area for the kids.

    Here are basic instructions for setting up an intex style pool.

    How to Install a Temporary Seasonal Pool (Intex, Summer Escapes, ect)
    Materials needed: Shovel, concrete patio blocks, a straight 2’x4’x8’ board, measuring tape, nut grass killer, ground tarp, TF 100 test kit.
    Basic Instructions:
    1. First and foremost the ground under the pool must be level and firm. Remove the grass from the area to be leveled 2 feet wider than the stated diameter of the pool. (For an 18’ pool remove a 20’ circle of grass)
    2. Find the lowest point of the perimeter of the circle and use that as your reference to level the ground. Dig away the high spots inside the circle. Check for level using a 3’ long level on top of a straight 2’x4’x8’ board.
    3. Once the ground is level saturate the soil with nut-grass killer. Lay down the ground tarp.
    4. Lay out patio blocks where the upright supports will go. Dig out the area under the blocks so they will lay level with the ground.
    5. Lay out the pool liner so the openings for the intake and return are positioned as close to your source of electricity as possible. Assemble the pool according to the manufacturer’s directions.
    6. Fill pool with 12” of water and check frame for level. Pool should be within 1” of level for maximum safety. Adjust upright supports if needed at this time.
    7. Connect the pump/filter and continue filling the pool.
    8. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for operating the filter/pump.
    9. Use the pool calculator to determine how much CYA and FC you need for your pool.
    10. Use your TF 100 to test the water and balance as needed.
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    Re: Opened Pool for first time

    6 inches out of level is.........5 inches past recommended safety levels. Drain, dig, level, refill....enjoy! (safely)
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