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Thread: Need Startup Advice -- Sunlight

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    Need Startup Advice -- Sunlight

    Hey guys, I'm new around here.

    My pool has been up and running for a week, and I've been searching around for advice on how to care for it correctly. The installer "balanced" the pool and left me with simple advice to use tri-chloro pucks in the skimmer, algaecide, and pH up/down as needed. Having found the BBB method, I'm going to be changing things quite a bit, so...

    So here are my initial questions:

    1. My pool is in full sunlight nearly all of the day, and would like some help deciding what level of CYA/FC should target my pool at?

    2. I'm wondering how much bleach I'm going to be going through in a season. Am I going to be buying 30 gallons of bleach, or 300!?

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    Re: Need Startup Advice -- Sunlight

    Welcome to the forum

    Very nice SIG! I love it when folks list gallons first!

    You can use the to figure how much bleach/liquid chlorine for a specific dose.

    Pool School has Recommended Levels for pools. CYA is between 30 to 50. You can start w/30 and see how it goes. You will have to figure how much CYA is already in the pool based on the number of pucks you have used. Do this before you add any more CYA.

    With 30 CYA, FC levels should be between 2 and 6 and never below 2.
    The avg pool uses about 2.5 FC daily. That would be about one gallon of 8.25% bleach daily for 33K gallon pool. Estimate.

    Even tho your pool is in full sun all day, until you test and confirm that all is well, I'd leave CYA at 30. After you confirm there is no CC problem, etc., then I suggest you raise CYA to 50 and adjust FC accordingly.

    Order one of the recommended test kits, if you haven't do so already. The fav around here is the TF100, made by duraleigh, site owner. It is more bang for the buck and uses Taylor chems. This is the best investment you will make in your pool. Period.

    Please post a full set of test results and let us know how you got them.

    Now, do you have a pic or two for us?
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