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Thread: Just opened my new pool, is this a good strategy

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    Just opened my new pool, is this a good strategy

    Some backround, pool and equipment is listed in sig, I just finished setting the pool up on Saturday, and started filling it. Once it had about 4 inches of water, I started worrying about algae taking root while I was filling it since it would take the better part of a day to fill it (it actually ended up taking about 17 hours to fill); so I added half a bottle of bleach early in the process to provide a shock environment and put me near my goal when full. Unfortunately, the fill water was full of iron and the water turned reddish brown. Not pretty. I told my wife it was safe, but no go. So, I went out this morning and got some sequestrate (hth Metal something or other), and added it to the water. I also raised my TA from 60 to 90 with Baking Soda and added 4 lbs of CYA. I'm currently maintaining FC with liquid bleach testing morning and evening using the FAS-DPD test from the Taylor-2006 kit with the speed stir (amazing device). CC has been .5 (using the 10ml test) every time. FC hasn't dropped below 2 in any test. pH, however, has never tested above 7.0. FC hasn't gotten above 5 (which is my current goal) except when I dumped the bleach in at the beginning.

    The question is, what should my ph goal be? I know that I should be at 7.5-7.8 for the SWG system, but I've read a number of threads about metal content that you should keep pH low. I don't mind using the sequestrant as I have discovered that removing the iron from the water is not practical, but I will definately keep it in mind the next time I build a pool . I had my wife add enough borax tonight (considering the new TA level) to raise pH to 7.5, (tomorrow I'll find out how successful it was).

    The other question is, when is it safe to start the SWG, I'm beginning to realize the limitations of the Intex system (on or off for a certain number of hours), but I am determined to get something set up that is low maintenance for my mother-in-law.

    Our numbers from tonight's testing. I'll note what was added in response to the numbers.

    fyi using Android Pool Pal for calculations.

    FC. 3.5, added 20oz 8.25% bleach. will update FC in the morning.
    pH 7.0 or below, added 3.5lbs Borax, will update.
    TA 90, perfect after adding Baking soda earlier in the day when I added the sequestrant.
    CH probably still 70. I don't really test for it since it is a vinyl pool, but I did do the test on the fill water.
    CYA should be close to 60 since I added 4lbs of CYA granules today, most have dissolved.
    Salt 3450, I slightly overshot my goal of 3000, but according to pool school, this is good.

    The sequestrant worked perfectly, the pool is now crystal clear. I'm having my wife and mom test the water twice daily and maintain FC at a target of 5 for now. I'd like to start the SWG, but don't really know how to phase over from the liquid maintenance to using the SWG for maintenance without shocking the iron out of suspension. Any advice that is really simple so I can relay it to my wife would be really appreciated. If it is more complicated than that; I only go up there on weekends, and convincing my wife or her mom to start or adjust the SWG may be difficult. They are both becoming proficient in the FAS-DPD, pH, and TA tests, and I tell them how and when to add the BBB chems, (although we haven't gotten to Muriatic acid yet, nor do I have any yet)
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    Re: Just opened my new pool, is this a good strategy

    Just shoot for low to mid 7's on the pH.
    Since you have it balanced you can start the swg any time. Just start it up at a few hours a day and test and adjust the run time from there.
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