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Thread: Insulating an Intex pool?

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    Insulating an Intex pool?

    I currently have a 15ft intex frame pool with a 5kw air source heat pump connected. I'm running it 12 hours a day which is getting me a steady 26 degree temperature. I'm in the UK and the night time low at the moment is 11 degrees. So I imagine I'm losing quite a lot at night.
    I have a blue/gold solar cover on top. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how i can insulate the sides of the pool? I was thinking some kind of foam sheeting? and taping it on? I don't mind how ugly it looks as long as its efficient? Any suggestions? Thank you all in advance.

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    Re: Insulating an Intex pool?

    My first thought would be bubble wrap... but that is with NO knowledge or experience to back it up.
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    Re: Insulating an Intex pool?

    What I have done with all of mine was use 1/2 blue insulation and cut it to fit in the area between the poles. I used two layers, then used the cheapest material I could find to cover the outside zip tying each "panel" onto the poles. This year I used an actual outdoor fabric. Suggest that you double the material at the sides, then install three or four eyelets close to the edge to then put your zip strips into them then around the poles, tighten as needed, clip the ends off the extra plastic zips....done.

    I have also used two layers of the same 1/2 inch insulation simply laid on top of the water to make a nice 1 inch layer to keep the heat in also. Once heated up, it doesn't require much electricity to maintain the temp. I also keep the pool covered when not in use and made an pvc holder to keep the varying sizes of insulation sheets for the top of the water in when in use. That has made handling the sheets easier for everyone this year versus years previous when we would look around for something to weight them down with to keep from flying around with the wind.

    Also, best to also insulate your pipes going to and from the pool as best as possibe to. There is a lot of heat lost there as the temperature cools. I used plain old 1/2 inch foam pipe insulation (for water pipes) and duct taped pieces together to keep pipes from loosing heat.

    My nights in the summer don't get as cool as yours in the UK whether your in London or Glasgow, the more attention you spend to the insulation, the better off you will be in my opinion. I would think you could leave it up all year if you wish since you don't get that much snow (if at all where you are). Good luck!! Oh.....cheers!!

    Bob E.

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    Re: Insulating an Intex pool?

    Bob what type of insulation did you use? Could you send a couple pics?

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    Re: Insulating an Intex pool?

    Bob, what were your results? Did you notice any change in heatloss? Most people seem to say that heatloss occurs mainly from the surface and that insulating the sides has little or no effect at all. But very little factual evidence has been presented.
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