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Thread: Why have we come to Trouble Free Pool?

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    Why have we come to Trouble Free Pool?

    Why have we come to Trouble Free Pool?

    Because we are searching; we each need to choose what source we will be using to maintain our pools.

    And there are several choices.

    Pool Stores give you numbers and test results for free, and you get what you pay for. Each tech there will do things differently. And at nearly every visit you will be told what else you need to buy. They have to get you to spend. It keeps them in business. That is their objective.

    Your objective is to maintain a great pool, easily and cheaply. Your objective is the opposite of the Pool Store's.

    Please, note that the good people who have created and maintain this site (with all the information they provide you for free) have next to nothing to gain from you, if you follow their directions.

    The assorted apps you find out in the world are created by others doing the best they can for whatever purpose they have. The apps are based on whatever numbers the app-makers believe are best. Those apps are not necessarily bad, but very likely different.

    Of course, it would be easy to get confused, getting recommendations from different sources.

    So, you can bounce around from one source to the other: The Pool Store, apps, the internet.

    Or you can settle here at TFP, save money, time, and stress, and have a safe and sparkling pool, which just might be your objective. It's totally your choice.

    To get the answers to your questions, and to learn to take charge of your pool, you must read POOL SCHOOL (white button, top right of every page takes you there). I guarantee it will take several readings of it to assimilate all the information, but soon keeping your pool perfect will be as easy as driving your car.

    Everyone is here to learn, and to assist.
    You can help yourself by learning what to do. Spend some time in Pool School and you will take control of your pool, with confidence and success.

    I was taught to maintain pools over 40 years ago, and it was simple then; it was before the chemical companies were selling tons of additives through Pool Stores. In fact, there weren't even many Pool Stores then.

    TroubleFreePool is based on those time-tested principles of simplicity to maintain your pool, improved with up-to-date technology.

    It's easy and cheap.
    Read and learn.
    Follow the steps.
    It works!

    TFP -- a community of interesting and helpful people, good stories, new and useful info, and so much more.
    (unsolicited comments from an appreciative member)
    Alan in Wellington, FL - near West Palm Beach
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    Almost everything died this winter 2012-'13, and I know we shouldn't complain... but, Arrgh!

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    Re: Why have we come to Trouble Free Pool?

    This is why I've come to TFP!!!
    26k IG Vinyl, 2 HP single speed,24" Tagelus Sand, 1.5" pipe, 1 Main, 1 Skimmer, 2 jets, pool built 1983, new vinyl 2014, 36'x18', Deep End 8', The PoolCleaner 4X Suction.
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