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Thread: Difference between Intelliflo/Intellipro models?

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    Difference between Intelliflo/Intellipro models?

    Can anyone point me to an overview of the Pentair multispeed pump line? (or another mfr if there's some problem with this one?) I've tried understanding their site but there are a lot of models and I'm having trouble understanding how they differ.

    My pool guy is recommending the InteliPro VS+SVRS. I'd feel better if I understood why that model vs. any of the other similar sounding ones.

    Some factors that may be relevant:

    1. My pool is inground but the poolhouse is a story below (so pumps are about 5-10 feet below the lowest portion of the water, and 10-15 feet below the top of the water.)

    2. The solar panels are on the roof 3 stories up. There's a separate 1/2 HP pump to help get the water up there. I'm concerned based on comments elsewhere that changes in pressure when solar heating is in use will cause the new filter pump to fault.

    3. Current pump is an old 2.6 HP single speed model. Its worked well for over 10 years but is starting to leak. Its (probably) more power than was needed but then I'm not really sure what the peak situation looks like.

    4. Electricity here on the Big Island is $0.41/kwh. If the new pump can save me any energy, it will pay for itself quickly.

    5. The pool control system is a 1995 era ComPool cp3800, which I'm guessing isn't going to interface to these or any other new efficient pumps? I'm hoping that just means I have to input matching programs into two systems or is it a more unsurmountable issue than that?

    6. My pool has not had so far but soon will have a SWCG.

    Grateful for any pointers or tips. Thanks!
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    Re: Difference between Intelliflo/Intellipro models?

    With the price of electricity where you are I would search multiple manufacturers and find the most energy efficient model available. Once you install, program it so it circulates during off peak hours to save more. Contact the pump manufacturers via email and ask them which of their models is most energy efficient for your size pool.
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    Re: Difference between Intelliflo/Intellipro models?

    The IntelliFlo and IntelliPro are nearly identical, differing mostly in minor details of the way the pump strainer basket lid works. They use identical motors on slightly different wet ends and have essentially identical efficiency.

    SVRS is either required or should be avoided. It is a safety system that is required in some situations (like a single drain). It can cause problems, so don't get it unless you really need it.

    1) Not a problem.
    2) I have heard of that happening, but usually it works just fine. The SVRS versions of the pump are worse about this than the regular versions.
    3) No problem. The pump(s) you are looking at cover that range and a little higher, and quite a bit lower, so you will be able to dial in exactly what you need.
    4) Depending on how you use the pump it will save you between 10% and 80%. The higher the speed you need to run it at, the less you save.
    5) Definitely more complex than that. If you want to use more than one speed on the pump (and you do) you will need either an IntelliComm II adapter or a whole new automation system. There are several ways to approach this, with a variety of tradeoffs.
    6) Not a problem.
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