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Thread: Lightbulb..learning more and more

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    Lightbulb..learning more and more

    Last year had two small rips in vinyl liner....shocked for two weeks water still cloudy ,,,luckily saw and rapaired it with repair kit,,,,this year with heavy leaves and dirt and a frog ,,,water as black as the night sky,,,,again daily cleaning and shocking for three weeks ,,,water got clear enough to see 2 more small holes in that is my tip of the day,,,,really inspect liner if you keep chlorine levels up and sill cloudy....I should have known something wasn't right ,,,when we vacuumed out weeks ago lots of sand so I discharged right to waste by-passing filter...I found it last night so I put my pool brush on the end of my extendable pole over the hole and wow what a clearer pool this morning ....couple ???? What is the life expectancy of a vinyl liner and if I replace liner next year with a fancy rock design would these small holes be harder to see ??? Thanks
    20000 gal. 28' round
    1.5 hp pump
    3.5 and 6 deep
    22" round meteor sand filter
    tf-100 test kit

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    Re: Lightbulb..learning more and more

    I am guessing you may have a new liner by now but if not...the life expectancy of the liner varies for lots of reasons, the main 3 being
    1) gauge of vinyl? bigger gauge #'s=thicker vinyl=lasts longer
    2)installation-some mistakes can shorten the life of the liner
    3)length and sharpness of the toenails of swimmers-funny but true
    and you are right about the design, it will definitely make the holes harder to spot but fear not, you can use pool dye or microphones, etc to track them down also.
    18 x 33 AG vinyl, 17000 gal, Hayward DE 1.5, Aquatrol SWG

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