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Thread: Just installed 24' metal wall above ground, level question

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    Just installed 24' metal wall above ground, level question

    Hi All,

    We just installed a new 24', 52", metal wall resin top AG at our new home. We moved a distance south, found we have clay here, not dirt like we're used to up north. Site wasn't even close to level, so got bobcat flattened from low point, built nice retaining wall a foot or so away from pool on the 3 high sides. Put in perforated drain tile just inside tie wall as precaution. Much labor, blood, sweat and tears, dodging rains storms working with goofy clay. Put in the patio blocks nice and flush and level, bottom wall track, all nice and level, all on virgin ground. Sand bottom/cove, walls up, looked good. Vac on liner through skimmer, nice liner fit, filled a foot, looked good. Filled about another foot and a half, now doesn't look level. Ugghhh.

    Measured bottom of resin coping down to water level. Measurements at 6 0'clock and 12 0'clock are exactly 2" difference. Measured other way, 9 0'clock and @ 3 0'clock, 1-3/4" inch difference. I understand that 2" or less, end to end, are supposed to be OK. So that, we have covered. Here's the concern though, the 3 0'clock measurement is the most off, it's high. The "diagonal" difference, on 1/4 length of pool, 3 0'clock to 12 0'clock is 2-3/4" off. All other diagonal measurements, at quarters of the pool are one inch or less from each other. So definitely have a high spot at 3 0'clock.

    Really, really hoping not to have to drain 3 hundred bucks worth of water, disassemble whole thing. Have really been through it with the rain and clay, and muddy dogs around the whole area, while working on pool project nights and week ends. Barely settled from move, just lost sibling suddenly. Emotionally/physically shot. But sure don't want anyone getting hurt. If you understand what I'm talking about with measurements and have experience, please advise. Thank you!

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    Re: Just installed 24' metal wall above ground, level questi

    Welcome to TFP!

    Sadly, by far the best thing is to get it right, even though that means draining and refilling and more mud.
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    Re: Just installed 24' metal wall above ground, level questi

    Hey Jason,

    That is kinda what I thought. Darn. Pass the "end to end" MFG requirements on warranty. But being a stained glass window builder, (where 1/16" may as well be a mile), I couldn't help but check other, more frequent measurements. Was sort of hoping I was "over thinking" it, ha-often the case with me, but will usually back off when someone less picky complains about me being, the way that I am. Bummer. But thanks. Just needed to hear it, I guess.

    OK, next question. If we drain the water, and lower a couple patio blocks on high spot at 3 0'clock, think we can do this carefully, without a complete disassemble? Was thinking of getting the filter up now, finishing the rest of the grade around tie wall, planting grass seed, etc. pronto. If we dig virgin ground for the couple/two blocks, (and track obviously), that are high/out of spec, get them in spec, think we are good? In other words, are you good with the 2" or less variance, "end to end" being safe like the MFG's are? This pool is mainly for the 3 Labradors we own. Happy little dogs, and makes us happy to see them doing what they were bred to do. Last thing we want is any sort of risk to them after such a tragic year. And surely neighbor kids will want to swim some. So, I'm asking, fix the high spot, then remain just inside of 2" variance end to end, are we are good? Don't care much about appearance, just safety. Built a vinyl lined in ground years ago, (grew up with one in back yard previous to that for that matter), have had one other above ground like this one, and a couple Intex. Can't believe this one has such a high spot. (?)

    Thanks so much,

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    Re: Just installed 24' metal wall above ground, level questi

    Sorry for your loss.
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    Re: Just installed 24' metal wall above ground, level questi

    Teri, I am so sorry for the sudden loss of your sibling. I know that pain all too well as I just went through it last March with my sister who was 36. Some days, I still can't believe she's gone. Most certainly never forgotten. Please accept my heart felt condolences.

    As far as the pool goes, are you saying that the manufacturer of the pool is ok'ing 2" off level? Because that is a lot. I don't think you will be able to level the pool off without taking it down. I know it's hard work. I'm right smack dab in the beginning process of leveling my site by hand and my husband is thoroughly discouraged about all he work I'm doing. I know you really don't want to hear this but if you are going to allow children in the pool, you should really and truely consider removing the pool, pull out the level and get back to it on those high spots.

    Good luck and let us know how you're doing and post some pics of your labs swimming with the neighbor kids.
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