Trying to decide on either the faux negative edge with a gutter and surge tank or the real thing. Any success stories with the faux setup working nearly as well? I would think that with a big enough tank you could turn on the water just enough to go over the edge. I have done a ton research on the real thing and as a civil engineer I understand it quite well but have a few question. How do folks keep their basins clean? I know many basins do not have skimmers. Does most of the debris go into the floor intakes and end up in the strainer basket at the pump? If not how do you keep the basin clean? I assume the auto level will go on the basin for the real thing but it seems to me that for the faux edge it could go on the main pool but could go in the surge tank (providing you use the surge tank as storage run a little water over the edge). Any suggestions are truly appreciated.