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Thread: Inground pump repalcement

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    Inground pump repalcement

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to this site and I have a question about a inground pump replacement:

    Right now I have a Hayward 1.5 hp super pump the rep at the store said I could put a 3/4 hp tristar which is as strong and will consume half electricity. The guy was young so not sure if he's right or not?

    Also I was looking at a 3/4HP super II pump. how is it vs the tristar ? and comapre to the 1.5hp sp that I have right now?

    For reference I have a kidney shape pool of about 27' X 12' 6,5' in the deep end (not a big pool) attach to a propane heater and the pump is about 40 feet from the skimmer, pipe diameter are 2".
    What would think it's the best pump for me?

    Thanks for your help in advance!
    IG, vinyl, 27'X12' kidney shape pool, 6.5' deep, gallon ???. 1.5HP Hayward SP, sand filter, heater 250k propane

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    Re: Inground pump repalcement

    Unfortunately, he does not know what he is talking about. The 1.5 HP Superpump is about the same "size" as the 3/4 HP Tristar so they will end up with about the same flow rate but the TriStar SP3207EE uses a high efficiency motor so it will use about 6% less energy which isn't much of a change. This is one of the reasons why you really can't compare pumps by just using the label HP. There are a lot of other factors involved with pump size. If interested, you can read about it in the Hydraulics 101 sticky in my signature.

    If you went with a 2 speed 1.0 HP Superpump, on high speed, the energy use would drop 30% with a flow rate drop of only 15% so that would be a big boost in energy savings. On low speed, it gets even better, low speed is 1/2 the flow rate of high speed but the energy drops by 75% so an even bigger savings.

    Is there a reason you are looking at other pumps? Here are a couple other options:

    1) Replace the current plump motor with a two speed motor. Doesn't change high speed much but low speed will still have 1/4 the energy use at 1/2 the flow rate.

    2) Downsize the impeller AND motor of your current pump. Basically reuse the wet end and make yourself a lower HP two speed pumps. Sometimes this can be more cost effective than a new pump but not always.
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    Re: Inground pump repalcement

    To be honest at first I was going to get the same pump as a replacement before the rep stated that I could go down to 3/4 hp tristar and save some money on electricity. I'm glad I came here and asked my question and I will go read the hydrolic 101.

    After reading your post I will defenitely be looking at a 2 speed 1hp sp, that seem a lot better than the tristar. As for rebuilting my pump, yes I might save money but I rather go with a new pump.

    Thanks for your help
    IG, vinyl, 27'X12' kidney shape pool, 6.5' deep, gallon ???. 1.5HP Hayward SP, sand filter, heater 250k propane

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