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Thread: Time for a new PC Board?

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    Time for a new PC Board?

    Since opening this year have had sporadic issues - no flow at times and a low salt reading at morning start-up and then progressively closer to actual salt level as the day goes on but never correct. Unit is 8+ years - Mineral Springs. Replaced the cell last night (T-15), immediately on power on the salt level began to read actual (2900- confirmed at pool store test hours earlier) and generating salt fine. Success.

    Well,this morning the unit is again showing 700 and when I turn unit off and the on it then goes to 1800, but no generation - bascially as it has been for a week or so. The cell was obviously ready due to its age, but appears to not be the culprit here. Opened SWG box and thermistor looks not to be fried.

    Is this time for a new board?

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    Re: Time for a new PC Board?


    The flow switch was bad. It was evidently staying ON (flow) when pump was timed off, so SWG was calculating all night and in the morning on pump start up the salt averages were incorrectly displayed until the day progressed and the correct readings climbed Replaced switch and viola.

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    Re: Time for a new PC Board?

    Good news. Just out of curiosity how where you able to determine the flow switch was bad?
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    Re: Time for a new PC Board?

    I starting getting No flow light when there was obvious flow. It was sporadic over a few days, and seemed to resolve so I moved on to other potential causes. After a cell replacement, the issue of very low salt level in the morning continued. I spoke to finally Goldline tech support who said the SWG is obviously calculating when the pump is timed off, hence the low reading on start up. They said it was a power control issue to the SWG, which was being left with power on when the pump is down. I asked if it could be flow switch and they said, "no". He said power must be turned off at pump shutdown to avoid the unit working.

    When I checked my set-up, there was no connection from the SWG to the Jandy system, just the power cord to the outlet (as well as flow, cell and ground). Local pool tech said he thought it was flow switch, as he said that is what suspends the SWG from working in my set-up, which has no direct power control or connection to SWG from older Jandy RS system. Once flow switch was changed out, the power light still stays on when pump shut off at 11:00pm, but flow light is out. Reading was correct next morning, so happily generating as of now.

    I would check to see if flow light stays on when pump is off or timed out - if so, the flow switch may be the culprit which can lead to erroneous salt level reporting due to false low readings with no flow.

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