I added salt to my pool, and wanted to turn off the SWCG until it dissolves. I have an EasyTouch, IntelliFlo, and IC20. Under Settings on the EasyTouch for the IC20, it shows an "Enabled" Yes/No setting...along with the swcg percentage.

I was assuming if I changed "Enabled" to No under settings for the IC20, it would stop generating chlorine. However, when I went to look at the actual IC20, all the lights are on indicating it is working.

Question is, which one is right? The IC20 with all green lights showing it is working, or the EasyTouch that says it is "disabled"?

As a third check, on the EasyTouch under Diagnostics, you can check the status of the IC20. It shows "not present", so I am thinking that is more proof the IC20 is not actually generating....but still not sure.