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Thread: Liner source / vendor recommendation for new pool Urgent!

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    Liner source / vendor recommendation for new pool Urgent!

    We are starting the dig for our new pool this week and I still don't have a liner for our new pool. We purchased a pool kit from Royal Swimming Pools a few weeks ago and during the order process I was told I had to pay for the liner at the time of purchase even though we had not picked a liner . I didn't want to pay for something in advance , but I caved and paid in full. I was told that they could do any brand , but it may be an up charge depending on the liner I choose, which is understandable. I was also told that it would only take a few days plus shipping and that if I ordered it when we started to dig, it would arrive before we would need it. Then everything started to go bad...

    Called two Fridays ago , was put on hold, then transferred then hung up on... Called back a little while later and they were closed, no big deal... Emailed my request with what I was looking for and waited a little while for a response...No response after a few days... Called in again, same transfer the a wait then a transfer.... Finally got a hold of someone yesterday, they tell me it will take 24 hrs to get a quote and then 7-10 day to make the liner, then shipping time...So now we could be looking at 2 weeks or more. I wasn't happy but asked that we do everything possible to get a quote as quickly as possible and explained that I have been trying to place this order for a while now, and I have a timeline...No concern for them as I've already paid... I get a "ticket" emailed to me that stated that I have requested a quote for the liner in question. Also states that the priority is "normal" from the choices "normal" , "urgent " and "very urgent"! I assume this "ticket" is forwarded to someone more important in the food chain and that they will request the quote. 24 hours have passed and I still don't have the quote for the up charge on my liner, nor do I even have a liner on order.

    This is after a similar hassle to get the pool ordered in the first place. Still missing some parts that are still not in, no liner on its way, no return phone call, no nothing. I own a successful small business, and I deal with Luxury items as well. Nothing I sell is a "need" in life, they are all "wants" just like a pool. I'm sure I'm more sensitive to problems in business that the average consumer and am very, very patient . However I have a schudual of excavators, concrete, and construction that cannot be delayed by two weeks .

    So after all that, does anyone have a recomended vendor that is reliable and can deliver a liner in a realistic period of time? They are just clearking the order so I don't see why this is such a big deal.

    Am I being unreasonable here?

    What is a typical time frame to order and receive an inground liner?

    Thanks in advance for your comments.

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    Re: Liner source / vendor recommendation for new pool Urgent

    I wish you the best of luck ,I have emailed royals three times and have yet to have a response , I even joined there "member" club so i could post a live question and posted two messages even had auto responses acknowledging my questions and three weeks late I have no response.I have read some good reviews however but my personal experience thus far is not good and this to me is a great indication of their customer service.
    best of luck and keep us updated

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    Re: Liner source / vendor recommendation for new pool Urgent

    We ordered an inground liner for our pool last spring and had great service from In the They also sell above ground ones too.
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    Re: Liner source / vendor recommendation for new pool Urgent

    I purchased my liner and wall foam from royal. It took roughly 8 days or so for them to fabricate the liner, and a couple days to ship. I think I had it in two weeks or shortly thereafter. I also ordered my aluminum liner track from royal. I also noticed a day or two between email responses, but I wouldnt consider that worse than most other companies, local or national. If you haven't already tried, they have a LIVE HELP chat available. I have had great luck with that. For what its worth, Im surprised to hear that others are having so much trouble with their CS. I wouldnt hesitate to by my next liner from them, personally.

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    Re: Liner source / vendor recommendation for new pool Urgent

    First, I would like to say, it is a pleasure to be part of the Trouble Free Pool community. This is certainly one of the best user generated pool content websites out there and it has a very extensive knowledgebase that I'm sure is a benefit to many pool owners.

    When purchasing a pool from Royal Swimming Pools, we typically sell a complete kit, including a liner - which is sent into production at the same time as a pool kit. However, when a customer wants something more custom or would like to hold off on selecting a pattern and having a liner made until specific measurements are submitted after excavation, we are happy to accommodate that request. It appears, according to what Duk007 posted, that he was attempting to obtain a specific liner pattern that is not one of the 90+ patterns we have readily available. Because of this, we would have had to contact the manufacturer to quote the specific pattern and ensure it was available. The unfortunate part of peak pool season is that it can and does take longer for a liner to be manufactured and liner manufacturers do take longer to get back to their clients, like us, with responses and quotes. Most times, anywhere between 24-48 hours. Once we receive that quote back, we pass it along, it has been accepted by our customer, and a liner has been ordered, we typically estimate that production times during peak season range between 5-10 business days, regardless of what a liner manufacturer may estimate for us. This pool season started slightly later than most, so liner manufacturers have been quite busy, especially later into the pool season.

    It was a pleasure to read this post and offer up some insight. We always do our best to provide exceptional customer service and work with our customers as best as possible, but just like liner manufacturers, it sometimes can take us 24-48 hours to get back with a customer during our peak season. If there are any issues with this specific order or any order, we would be more than happy to help in any way possible. There are several avenues to reach us, through our live chat, customer support ticket system, and phone lines. Please feel free to contact us using any of those methods or through Trouble Free Pool.

    Best Regards!

    Royal Swimming Pools

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    Re: Liner source / vendor recommendation for new pool Urgent

    Im not endorsing Royal, but I do agree that it must be overwhelming pool companies during the peak. I tried about 10 different sites to find a specific union I needed, not one single site answered the phone, not one response via email in under 48 hours. The ONLY person ive dealt with that responds quickly and gets things done is Josh @ saltpoolguys
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