First time poster (be gentle). I used this site to convert from Baqua to SWG and after my pool turned black and I thought my wife was calling a lawyer , when it became crystal clear she told me I was a genius , so thanks in advance.

I have a Dynasty D-2000 and it has always worked perfectly. I filled it up this year, turned it on and am getting no heat. I will try to give as much detail as possible.

- There is an internal breaker in the house box and a breaker or switch I think near the hot tub. Both are turned on and have been switched multiple times to see if that could address the issue.
- The control panel comes on, the jets are working and are pushing water, the blower and lights are all working fine.
- I checked an all the gate valves and they are open.
- I pulled the filter and cleaned it completely.

If I open the cabinet, on the left I see a pump and blower, the center has the ozonoator and control panel and the right section has another pump. The pump on the right hums for a few seconds and then shuts down. I am assuming it is frozen up. Being moderately mechanically inclined, should I take the pump out, take it apart, clean and lubricate and make sure that the impeller is not jammed by something or should I just replace the pump?