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Thread: Freaking Out! - First Time Pool (30k gal) & Hot Tub owner!!!

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    Freaking Out! - First Time Pool (30k gal) & Hot Tub owner!!!

    We just moved into a house that has a 30,000 gallon (20x40) pool, it has a liner I believe on a fiberglass base. The hot tub is a "hotspring" 6-person tub. I have very little idea of what to do, and am stressing out about ruining the pool and hot tub, I mean I did fail chemistry in High school! I have begun reading through this website and it seems the only way to maintain it properly is to get a TF100 test kit to do a proper maintenance as weekly or bi-weekly pool store test visits are too few and far inbetween.

    The previous home owner said it was good to go and everything was done correctly as of Saturday evening. He gave me a really quick run-down on how to maintain but I am still trying to understand.

    Hot Tub (400 gallon)

    1. Put 1 Teaspoon of Chlorine before each use in the filter bay.
    2. Put 1 Tablespoon of Sodium 60 every week in filter bay.
    3. Run the clean cycle once per week.
    4. Clean Ceramic Filters every couple weeks and rotate them clockwise.
    5. Empty the entire hot tub every 4 months.

    He says it has an Ozone-ator that bubbles up so it helps the hot tub to be very low maintenance. Suggested a temp of 103 during the winter and 100 during the summer.

    Swimming Pool (20x40, Liner, 30,000 gallons, Sand Filter, Chlorine, Polaris Cleaner)

    1. Weekly Backwash for 60 seconds / Rinse for 60 seconds / Back to Normal Filter.
    2. Chlorine Tabs (3") use 2-3/week during the summer, and 1-2/week during Winter.
    3. Liquid Shock use 1 + 1/3 gallon all at once/week during Summer and 3/4 gallon/week during late fall/early spring. And 1/2 gallon/week during Winter.
    4. "Premium III" Algaecide use 13oz/week.
    5. Take water to pool store every week or two to test.

    It seems pretty easy, but almost too easy based on his notes. You just walk around the pool edge dumping the chemicals. I am about to order the TF100 test kit so I can check the chemicals/water. He currently has the pumps running for about 12 hours/day and the polaris set on some weird timer where it "cleans" for 8-hours every 36-hours. The pool bottom tends to look pretty dirty before each cleaning cycle with debris and leaves. Would you recommend I change it to more often?

    The other issue is the backwash, can the pool water be used to water grass without ruining it? I hate seeing 50 gallons of water go to waste every weekly.

    If someone could look over the list I was given and provide any suggestions or advice I would appreciate it.

    I look forward to making a home here and hopefully, someday, to be a quality contributing member!!!


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    Re: Freaking Out! - First Time Pool (30k gal) & Hot Tub owne

    Welcome to the forum. I think you may have too many subjects in this thread. I would suggest you focus on whichever (pool or hot tub) you want to get fixed and follow that to conclusion.

    The thread will get very confusing unless you limit the scope of your questions.
    Dave S.
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    Re: Freaking Out! - First Time Pool (30k gal) & Hot Tub owne


    You are correct about your own test kit. I advise ordering one yesterday.

    Backwash every week? Why? Do you live in the middle of a desert full of blowing sand? There's a gauge on the filter. When pressure increases 25% or you notice the flow on the returns isn;t as strong as it used to be, then backwash. And yes, you can use the water on the lawn.

    Forget the pucks. And the algaecide. If you test and maintain FC based on need, not on schedule, you'll never have to worry about an algae bloom.

    Just keep reading pool school and learn to use the search function for topics you are interested in, and you'll be fine.
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    Re: Freaking Out! - First Time Pool (30k gal) & Hot Tub owne

    Get the speed stir, it makes testing faster and easier! But you look like some science nerd using it....not that you should have a problem with that....I need a robe that looks like a science lab coat....
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    Re: Freaking Out! - First Time Pool (30k gal) & Hot Tub owne

    Relax a bit. I was in the same boat as you 2 months ago. New house with hot tub and pool, and I had no idea what to do. I chose my forum name because what I knew about pool/hot tub management you could fit in a thimble and still have room for your finger. I found this forum- read pool school a couple times, ordered the tf-100 kit (and the speed stir after about 2 weeks, should have ordered it with the kit. It REALLY makes testing easier !), read lots of posts till it started to become clear and read pool school again.

    Spent a lot of time messing with the water for the first week or 2, getting familiar with testing procedures, figuring out what to do next, reading TFP every day...learning the ropes.

    Now, I am confident my pool and hot tub are safe, clean and properly maintained. I've fixed a couple plumbing problems, replaced seals on my pump and have everything running well. I spend about 10 minutes a day testing water, and adjusting if necessary. Money spent is nowhere near what I would be handing over at the local pool store, I can get almost everything I need at Sam's or Wally World.

    The people here know of what they speak, give solid advice and are genuinely nice to interact with. They have a wealth of knowledge and share it freely.

    Welcome aboard. With the group here, you will have this pool and hot tub stuff under your thumb in no time.
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    Re: Freaking Out! - First Time Pool (30k gal) & Hot Tub owne

    Quote Originally Posted by SirBrowning
    2. Put 1 Tablespoon of Sodium 60 every week in filter bay.
    What is "Sodium 60"? I've never heard of that. Can you look at the bottle for more details such as the manufacturer, full name of product, and ingredients?
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