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Thread: Dazzle Pure and Simple Activator

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    Dazzle Pure and Simple Activator

    When I first got the pool (19,500 gal, IG vinyl) a couple of summers ago, the company that built it gave me a bunch of chemicals. They'd dumped in some stuff to start and I used the free stuff they gave me (PH+, Calcium, TA+, etc.) but there was a product called "Dazzle Pure + Simple Activator" that I never used - I have about 20 lbs of it. I can't find a ton of info about it online, so I'm not sure exactly what's in it, but I did see this on their site:
    The first step of the Pure + Simple system is the addition of a product called Activator. This is a dual borate product that gives the water a silky smooth feeling. It also contains more phosphate removers, a dry enzyme to enhance the cleaning of your water and some scale inhibitors.
    Does that sound like something I could safely throw in to raise the borates? I basically only use bleach, tri-chlor pucks rarely (CYA has been holding at about 40-45 since the end of the first season 2 years ago - so rainfall/snowmelt water replacement is keeping pace with the odd puck here and there over the summer).

    Here are my numbers from today:

    FC 4.0
    TC 4.0
    CC 0.25 (sample turns faintly pink and then clears completely with 1 drop using the FAS-DPD method)
    pH 7.3
    TA 120
    CH 180
    CYA 40
    Borates: 15-20? I'm terrible with color looked between the 10 and 20 colors.

    So should I try the Dazzle or just go with straight Borax?
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    Re: Dazzle Pure and Simple Activator

    If it were my pool, I'd leave it for the trash pick-up.
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    Re: Dazzle Pure and Simple Activator

    I can't find anything out about it. It's made by Dazzle Pool Care which is part of Backyard Brands and there are no MSDS online for it. The website looks like another secret system.

    I wouldn't use it.
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    Re: Dazzle Pure and Simple Activator

    It is generally best to avoid multi-purpose products. They contain several different things that are never in the proportions you actually need them in, some of which might have negative side effects, and they typically cost quite a bit more than buying the various products they contain separately.

    Borates are fine, but we don't recommend using phosphate removers, enzymes are only needed is specific rare situations, and scale inhibitors are only needed in some cases (not so rare, but not the majority of the time).

    Personally, I would use boric acid. It is easy to find on the Internet, doesn't have very much effect on PH (and so avoids the need to muriatic acid), and generally is simpler to use, although it does cost slightly more.
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