I just had a Solar Touch Controller installed and connected to a Pentair VS pump. In my opinion, the signals sent to the pump are incorrectly programmed by Pentair. I have talked with their engineers and they are currently looking into the problem. Normally, when solar heat is called for, the Solar Touch sends a signal to run external program #2 on the VS pump and when solar heat is not needed (pool temp reached) a signal is sent to the VS pump to “return to its schedule”. That’s the good part. The bad part is if you want to use the “disable” feature by holding the enter key down, the solar actuator shuts off but the Solar Touch now sends a signal to the VS pump to run external program #1 (instead of returning to the schedule). This solar controller is programmed WRONG. To mitigate this problem, I have DISCONNECTED the communication line between the Solar Touch and the VS pump and I am running the VS pump MANUALLY at a fixed speed. Disable happens to be a feature that makes going away (on vacation) a simple operation, but you do NOT want the VS pump to be operating at external program #1 speed, but the normal schedule. Hopefully, someone from Pentair will read this.