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Thread: Redo of coping and tile. Help needed

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    Redo of coping and tile. Help needed

    I responded to Bradmc today, and then realized I should start a new thread. So here goes the copy:

    Bradmc... it looks beautiful. I love the simplicity. I forgot you were using glass tiles. I picked out 3" ceramic. I've never seen that kind of coping. I like it...wished I had seen that option. I purchased the "old fashioned" safety grip in an alabaster color, ie off white. 24" pieces X 12" X around 2". I like it, but now I can't find anyone who can install it...seems no one uses that kind of coping any more around here. I live in Las Vegas, but ordered the stones from CA. Actually I'm getting different opinions on how to install it---some say thinset, other say full mortar bed. "Install the tile first. Install coping first. Bond coat done wrong--has to be removed, no need for waterproof behind the tiles as old thinset is still there under the new browncoat that is delaminated, no need for isolation joint since I'm using pavers as decking." These are comments from guys in the trade who are bidding on the job.

    The bond coat did fail. I don't know why.

    There was no curing. (this was May 8 in Las Vegas...maybe it doesn't need to cure?) The tile guy was planning to install the coping stones that same afternoon, and the tile. He was going to use thinset but the coping manufacturer recommended full mortar bed. The precast concrete coping stones vary almost 1/2" at the ends. So I don't think I can use thinset to install the pavers. The job has stalled since then, as I wanted to do it right, not over.

    I think I have seen enough posts on this forum and others, and some opinions of others in the trade who have nothing to gain from giving me advice, that I know how I want it done if I can get a skilled craftsman to do the work, someone with experience in masonry. I want to build up the bond beam to almost level to top of skimmer, then mud the coping stones in about 1" of mud, using string line on the straight sides, and good guessing on the two curved ends (Roman shaped pool). Or put up a masonite level all the way around where coping will sit on top for install in mud bed. Once removed, then brown coat (with what?) below the coping where the tiles will go. Bradmc said he ground out the old, and cut under them, but my installer just put the coat (that failed) on top of the old. The plaster was sandblasted and some chip out. I think more chip out is needed below the tile line to feather the new plaster up to the new tiles.

    I'm going to try to post two pictures.

    Does anyone feel like commenting on my thinking? Good or Bad...[attachment=1:2lquhmes]delamination.jpg[/attachment:2lquhmes]
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