Good Morning all;
Ok I want to thank all for my knowledge of pools and chemicals from when I joined about three yrs back.
Just uncovered pool and it's not pretty, we have had a ton of rain here and no hot weather yet and already the middle of June.
My question is does anyone by online, Covers, Liners, Skimmers and such? Any suggestions maybe. I mentioned yrs ago to only one pool store within 40-50 miles and they not only hammer you to death but I think sell junk. I may be biased since they sold me HUNDREDS of dollars worth of chemicals and my pool stood cloudy for over a year. Thank gosh for this sight.
Example. last yr I needed a 48" hose and was charged $14.00 or so and it didn't make the yr., yes it was that thin, my cover I bought last yr didn't make it, I have a 24' pool and the cover had to be stretched to the end just to cover the top without even having the bubble in. Which is the reason for my ugly water this yr, yup it ripped and all went in.
Thanks Ya'll.